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Sound and Wave Motion
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Sound and Wave Motion for Kids

Sound waves for kids: sound energy, sound & wave motion demonstrations to teach how sound travels.

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Use sound & wave motion activities to help kids visualize the science of sound. Discover how our ears process sound and make a simple water xylophone to learn how sound waves travel.

What is sound? And what does it have to do with vibrations, waves, and matter? Find out with a variety of tools and supplies for teaching the science of sound and how sound travels.

Get materials to explore how sound vibrations travel through the air before reaching our ears. Hands-on experiments simulate sound waves in a visible way that's easy for students to remember.

The original Slinky or helical springs show transverse and longitudinal wave motion in action. Use tuning forks for sound and resonance activities and projects. And the top-rated sound measurement kit lets you to determine the speed of sound.

Here's what one satisfied customer had to say:

"My husband and daughter worked with the sound measurement kit and had great success. The experiment went without a hitch and, much to my husband's surprise, my daughter's results were almost perfect. I would highly recommend this kit."