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Apologia Science Curriculum and Science Lab Kits from Elementary to High School

Created for homeschoolers, Apologia science makes teaching and learning science more accessible. You don't need a science background for this easy to understand and apply curriculum. 

What Others Are Saying About Apologia
    • “Excellent product! Exactly what I was expecting. My daughter is very impressed with the specimens! (Apologia Biology Dissection Kit)”

      — Kelly H.

    • “This curriculum is amazing! The textbook offers clear, concise instructions and the notebooking journal is awesome. My daughter was hooked from the first lesson. Great quality stuff at a great price! (Apologia Human Anatomy and Physiology)”

      — Tiffany J.

    • “Love having everything put together for me so all I have to do is grab it out of the box and add in a few household items. Saves time and sanity, and that's something I definitely don't mind paying for! (Apologia Botany Lab Kit)”

      — Brandy

    Created for homeschoolers, Apologia science makes teaching and learning science accessible for everyone. You don't need a science background to teach, understand, or learn science. The primary author, Dr. Wiles, is a professor who designed this curriculum to give homeschooled students a solid education. The elementary science courses also provide fun but in-depth science studies for younger kids. The middle school and high school courses are designed to fully prepare students for college science classes.

    Apologia science has revolutionized high school science for homeschools, making what can be a tough subject more accessible. With Apologia's conversational style, science is easier to understand and more enjoyable to study.

    Our apologia science kits come with lab materials and the harder to find household items reducing your time tracking down materials and reducing your overall cost. 

    Created by Apologia Educational Ministries for grade 2-12, the well-established curriculum is positioned from a Christian creationist worldview. Purchase your Apologia science curriculum and all necessary lab materials with us and make science easier to teach.