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Apologia science curriculum & kits for elementary to high school.

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Created for homeschools, Apologia Science makes science accessible. Even those with minimal science backgrounds say it's simple & easy to read, understand, and remember. Read complete reviews of the elementary and middle/high school curriculum.

Apologia has revolutionized high school science for homeschools, making what can be a tough subject much more accessible. With Apologia's conversational style, science is easier to understand and more enjoyable to study. The labs often use household items, reducing your costs. Plus, the high school courses are designed to fully prepare students for college science classes! The primary author, Dr. Wile, is a professor who designed this curriculum to give homeschooled students a solid education. The elementary science courses also provide fun but in-depth science studies for younger kids.

Our Apologia science kits come with lab materials. Grades 2-12. From Apologia Educational Ministries. This well-established curriculum is positioned from a Christian creationist worldview.