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Rock Tumblers
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Rock Tumblers

Polish rocks: Rock tumblers, kits, grit & lapidary supplies.

Have you ever noticed that the rocks at the beach or on a river bed are much smoother than rocks you find by the side of the road? Why do you think that is? Here's the big secret: nature polishes rocks by using water and other rocks.

In fact, sand is just rocks that have been broken up and polished into tiny grains that we don't even recognize as rocks anymore! This long and incredible process is called erosion.

Erosion is the natural process of something breaking down over time. By tumbling rocks with water and grit, we create a controlled erosion process. Rock tumblers make this possible, and we have some of the very best.

Rock tumblers transforms drab rocks into beautiful gem-like stones polished to a high-luster shine! Polished rocks and gemstones make incredible collections and jewelry, and the process of polishing rocks is now easier than ever.

Our high-quality rock tumbling kits are popular gift items for kids and adults; they have everything needed to get started. Kits include a tumbler, tumbling rock mix (including semi-precious stones), and polishing grit. Choose between the Deluxe (single-barrel) Rock Tumbler Kit, HST's very own single-barrel Rock Tumbler Kit, the Tumble-Vibe Rock Tumbler Kit, or the Deluxe Double-Barrel Rock Tumbler Kit. These kits turn the tumbling process into an engaging, hands-on learning experience for learners of all ages!

Our rotary rock tumblers for sale are suitable for tumbling hard minerals; they remove all of the rough edges to produce nicely rounded corners and edges. Both the Lortone 3a Tumbler and Lortone 33b Double-Barrel Tumbler have patented rubber barrels and yield professional results. HST's own rock tumblers give similar results for less and have a 1-year warranty. Refill supplies are also available. Our Rock Tumbler Refill Kit comes with a half-pound of rough semi-precious stones, including amethyst, jasper, and agate.

We also provide a Raytech Tumble-Vibe TV-5 Vibrating Rock Tumbler - whether you want it on its own or with a complete starter kit is up to you! Faster than a rotary tumbler, the TV-5 vibratory tumbler transforms rough gemstones and rocks into polished masterpieces in just a matter of days! It is one of the best rock tumblers for rock polishing pros and hobbyists alike. Browse our selection of rock tumblers for sale to get started! 

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