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Lortone 3A Rock Tumbler

Ages 10+
Out of Stock, Expected to Ship: 5/28/2022

Get into the hobby of collecting and polishing rocks and minerals with this quality Lortone 3A rotary tumbler! Both durable & easy-to-use, this rock tumbler completely polishes a batch of rocks in just 4-6 weeks. Read More

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For a complete rock tumbling starter kit, we recommend either the Lortone rock tumbler kit or the Tumble Bee rock tumbler polish kit; these kits include the Tumble Bee or the Lortone 3# rotary rock tumbler, 2 lbs of rocks, grit packs, guides, and more!

PLEASE NOTE: Availability of this product from the manufacturer is extremely limited and intermittent. We are working hard to provide accurate expected dates and availability information but cannot guarantee availability at all times. 

Get into the hobby of collecting and polishing rocks and minerals with this quality, single barrel Lortone 3A rock tumbler! This Lortone model 3a gives you professional rock polishing results and has a 3-pound capacity barrel (barrel dimensions: 4.5" in diameter and 5" long) and continuous-duty electric motor. The tight-sealing patented rubber barrel on this model 3a tumbler not only produces beautifully polished pieces, but it also provides extra sound absorption for quieter operation. Let's be honest though, any time you're tumbling rocks there will still be some noise. Lortone's rock tumbler is one of the quietest on the market!

We recommend that users tumble their rocks in a garage or shed to minimize noise if possible. Rock tumbling takes approximately 30 days or more for optimal results. 

Lortone has a reputation in the industry for making durable, easy-to-use tumblers that provide excellent results and last for many years; This Lortone 3a single barrel tumbler and the model 33b Lortone tumbler are both an excellent choice for any lapidary hobbyist.

A rotary tumbler has the advantages of removing all the rough edges to produce nicely rounded corners and is also suitable for tumbling hard minerals. It typically takes 4-6 weeks to completely polish a batch of rocks. (NOTE: In addition to the tumbler, you will need grit for the polishing process.) This tumbler is capable of running 24 hours per day for years. Lortone's step-by-step guide to tumbling gemstones and operating instructions are included. All you have to provide is tumbling rock and a grit pack. One-year warranty from Lortone.

Get an extra drive belt with your tumbler to ensure that you never miss a day of rock tumbling fun!






  • 3-pound capacity
  • Sturdy and simple to operate
  • Quieter than most rock tumblers
  • Durable rubber barrel is 4.5" in diameter and 5" long
  • Barrel is easy to open and close and seals tightly
  • Continuous duty 110-volt AC motor is capable of running 24 hours per day for years
  • Includes the Professional Gemstone Tumbling 21 pp. booklet that explains step-by-step how to tumble rocks and gemstones with many helpful hints
  • Includes Lortone 3A rotary tumbler operating instructions
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