Lab Equipment

Thermometers for lab use and beyond! Find partial immersion, digital, infrared, indoor/outdoor, and more.

Stoppers and Corks
Stoppers and Corks

Contain liquids in flasks and beakers with rubber stoppers and corks. Some rubber stoppers also fit 5 mm glass tubing.

Lab Supplies
Lab Supplies

Get affordable labware like burettes, calorimeters, chemical scoops, thistle tubes, funnels, droppers, and more.

Best Selling Lab Equipment

Chemistry Lab Equipment

Essential laboratory tools for any science experiment. 

Get the chemistry lab equipment you need for your home or school chemistry lab! All HST kits come with our 60-day satisfaction guarantee.

What Others Are Saying About HST Glassware and Lab Equipment
    • “I am a beginner hobbyist and this lab equipment looks like it will last for many years. (Lab Chemistry Hardware Set)”

      — Mark P.

    • “This burner is high quality! We are looking forward to our chemistry experiments with it! (Portable Micro Lab Burner)”

      — Brantley M.

    • “This tool makes it fun to test and compare the temperatures of two different surfaces! For instance, the difference between carpet and tiles, open floor and a spot where someone has been standing, or inside and outside walls. This product is easy to use and fits well in the hand; I recommend it! (Infrared Thermometer with Laser Sight)”

      — Melissa

    High Quality Lab Equipment for Chemistry Experiments

    Take your home and classroom chemistry experiments to the next level with our premium lab equipment. From glassware to stoppers and ring stands to hot plates, we offer a comprehensive selection of chemistry lab equipment to meet your needs. The right lab equipment not only simplifies chemistry experiments but also adds an element of fun to your chemistry experiments.

    We understand the challenge of setting up a budget-friendly home chemistry lab. That's why we've become your one-stop-shop for affordable, top-tier chemistry lab equipment. Explore our extensive range, including ring stands, burettes, clay triangles, wire gauze, Erlenmeyer flasks, volumetric flasks, test tubes, test tube holders, test tube clamps, crucible tongs, beakers, filter paper, digital balances, tongs, clamps, corks, rubber stoppers, desiccators, distillation equipment, burners, and hotplates designed for experiments requiring high temperatures.

    If you have any questions about our chemistry lab products, feel free to reach out. We're here to simplify your chemistry journey, whether it's in your home or classroom. Unsure about what equipment you need? Try our Laboratory Equipment Guide.

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