Physics & Engineering
Image of first grader with an entire year of Science Unlocked.
Image of high school student with an entire year of Science Unlocked.

Physics and Engineering Tools & Equipment

Physics & engineering tools, equipment, STEM kits & more for kids and adults.

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See the laws of force and motion at work with physics & engineering science projects and activities. Build a balloon rocket car, watch an egg get "sucked" into a bottle, learn about simple machines & more.

Through the study of physics, learn the natural laws of matter, motion, force, and time. Understand light, sound, and magnetism, and how our senses filter our experience of the world.

Technology allows us to use natural forces in new ways, to transform sunlight into power or electricity into light. Engineering, programming, and robotics take STEM studies to the next level. Discover new views of possibility and how the world works. With easy-to-use kits and tools, engineering for kids can be more interesting, fun and accessible than ever before.

HST’s physics tools and equipment make physics fun for kids. Students become engineers learning about flight, motion, machines, and more. They become computer scientists as they discover a new programming language.

Start exploring today with our kits and equipment!