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Science Gifts for Ages 14+

Our favorite STEM science gifts for high schoolers and adults.

What Customers Are Saying About Our Science Gifts
    • Thrilled With This Set!

      “I purchased this for my teenage son for Christmas, and he hasn't left his "lab" since. The great variety of pieces has made his experiments easy to do, as he now has the right tools for the job. This was by far his favorite Christmas gift - and the cost was very reasonable!”

      — Holly

    • Perfect for Christmas

      “Our rocks and minerals collection came quickly and in great condition. It is truly exciting. The samples are beautiful and a wonderful variety. We can't wait to give this to our grandson for Christmas.”

      — Connie H.

    • Great Gift for the Whole Family

      “We ordered this for our four children (ages 8-14) as a Christmas gift. We also splurged on the mechanical stage and some prepared slides. Spend your money well and buy this.”

      — Cassie

    Explore Unique STEM Science Gifts for High Schoolers and Beyond

    Are you in search of distinctive, intriguing, and humorous STEM science gifts suitable for both adults and kids aged 14 and up? You've come to the right place!

    Many of the best science gifts designed for older kids are equally excellent educational presents for adults. Whether you're shopping for dedicated science enthusiasts or seeking out science gifts for teenagers, our curated list has something special for everyone.

    Here are some exceptional STEM science gift ideas to consider:

    1. 1000x Microscope: Unlock the fascinating microscopic world with a 1000x microscope, providing an all-access pass to explore the tiniest details of life.

    2. Programmable Robot: Invest an hour assembling a programmable robot and embark on endless hours of entertaining and educational adventures in robotics and programming.

    3. Hydrogen-Powered Model Car: Delve into alternative energy experiments with a hydrogen-powered model car, a hands-on introduction to sustainable energy solutions.

    4. Professional Rock Polisher: Embrace the world of geology with a professional rock polisher, turning rough rocks into beautifully polished gems.

    5. Space-Age Ant Habitat: Create a captivating space-age ant habitat, offering a unique window into the world of these industrious insects.

    The finest science gifts for high school students and adults come in various forms, from high-tech gadgets to more traditional yet engaging options. Consider color-changing Thinking Putty for its captivating properties, an exotic insect display for a touch of natural wonder, or rock collections for a hands-on exploration of geology.

    No matter your age, our science gift ideas are designed to spark curiosity and offer memorable learning experiences. Whether you're shopping for a high schooler or an adult, these STEM science gifts are bound to provide hours of educational entertainment.