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Advanced Chemistry Labware Set

Ages 12+
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Here's all the equipment you need to explore advanced chemistry! This set comes with high-quality glassware, lab tools & supplies, and personal protective equipment (PPE) for an all-in-one lab kit. Just add chemicals! Read More

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This advanced chemistry set is full of labware and equipment that's perfect for high school, homeschools, amateur chemists, or even professional scientists setting up a home chemistry lab. We know choosing lab supplies to go beyond basic science experiments can be time-consuming and expensive. So with this professional chemistry set, we did the work for you!

Here’s all the chemistry lab equipment you need to explore advanced chemistry. In this chemistry lab equipment set, we've included high-quality glassware, lab tools and supplies, and personal protective equipment (PPE). Our quality HST glassware is durable with easy-to-read markers—making it simple for teachers, parents, and students alike to achieve accuracy with measuring and mixing. 

If you're looking for a detailed chemistry set for high school kids or a gift for a science enthusiast, this professional chemistry set is the one we recommend! 

This all-in-one science kit includes the pieces you need to conduct the most common chemistry experiments and chemical reactions.

Inside this professional chemistry set, you'll find:

  • Glassware: beakers, flasks, graduated cylinders, test tubes, bottles, and more.
  • Lab tools: stainless steel spatula, stirring rods, test tube clamp, and more.
  • Chemistry Equipment: alcohol and stand, test tube rack, mortar and pestle.
  • Personal protective equipment: goggles, gloves, and lab apron.

This exceptional value saves you time, money & headaches; everything is conveniently-bundled and ready to go! This top-rated, bestselling chemistry set supplies you with: 

  • 80 pieces of hand-selected labware
  • High quality at an unbeatable low price
  • A complete basic lab setup for intermediate chemistry
  • Efficient expansion of an existing home chemistry set and laboratory
  • Equipment to use with our Intro to Chemistry Experiment Kit

Note: To keep costs low for you and encourage recycling, this lab set comes packaged in a shippable, environmentally-friendly cardboard box.




This Advanced Chemistry Labware Set Includes:

  • Beaker, 50 ml, borosilicate glass
  • 2 Beakers, 250 ml, borosilicate glass
  • Beaker, 600 ml, borosilicate glass
  • Graduated Cylinder, 10 ml, glass
  • Graduated Cylinder, 100 ml, glass
  • Erlenmeyer Flask, 50 ml, borosilicate glass
  • Erlenmeyer Flask, 250 ml, borosilicate glass
  • Erlenmeyer Flask, 500 ml, borosilicate glass
  • Vacuum Filtering Flask, 250 ml, borosilicate glass
  • Flat-Bottomed Boiling Flask, 250 ml, borosilicate glass
  • Volumetric Flask, 250 ml
  • Wickless Alcohol Burner (buy ethyl alcohol fuel here)
  • Burner Stand, wire with attached gauze
  • Thistle Tube, 250 mm, borosilicate glass
  • Glass Funnel, 75 mm diameter/ 65 mm stem
  • Filter Paper, 11 cm diameter, 10 pack
  • Mortar and Pestle, 80 ml
  • 2 Amber Glass Boston Round Bottles, 125 ml/4 oz
  • 2 Amber Glass Boston Round Dropping Bottles, 30 ml/1 oz
  • 2 Flint Glass Barnes Dropping Bottles, 30 ml/1 oz 
  • Tubing Pinch Clamp
  • Mohr Measuring Pipette, 10 ml x 0.1 ml, glass (buy a pipette filler or 10 ml pipette pump separately)
  • Spatula and Spoon, stainless steel, 150 mm
  • 6 Glass Stir Rods, 150 mm
  • 6 Dropper Pipettes (medicine droppers)
  • 12 Test Tubes, 16 mm x 150 mm, borosilicate glass
  • 2 Test Tube Racks, each with 6 holes & drying pegs
  • Test Tube Holder
  • Large Test Tube Brush
  • 1 No. 6.5 Rubber Stopper, solid
  • 1 No. 6.5 Rubber Stopper, 1-hole
  • 1 No. 6.5 Rubber Stopper, 2-hole
  • 3 No. 0 Rubber Stoppers, solid
  • 1 No. 0 Rubber Stopper, 1-hole
  • 1 No. 0 Rubber Stopper, 2-hole
  • 12 Pieces of Glass Tubing, each 5 mm OD, each 30 cm long
  • Piece of Rubber Tubing, 4.8 mm ID, 2' long
  • Watch Glass, 100 mm diameter
  • Pair of Safety Goggles
  • Lab Apron, 8 mil vinyl
  • Pair of Safety Gloves, neoprene/latex, size medium


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