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Chemistry Pipettes and Droppers

Glass and plastic liquid dropper pipettes for chemistry labs.

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For pipette chemistry, we have what you need!

Use a pipette (also spelled pipet) when you need to measure or transfer a volume of liquid or solution a few drops at a time. We sell the following types of pipette for your dropper chemistry: Mohr, serological, Pasteur, and air displacement micropipettes.

Mohr: Use for an accurate way to deliver small volumes of liquid. The glass tube has permanent graduations in a descending scale.

Serological: Disposable, individually-wrapped and sterile plastic pipettes for precision liquid measurements. Its clear tube is printed with black graduations in both an ascending and descending scale. You'll need to use a pipet filler to insert liquids into this item.

Pasteur: Often called droppers or an eye dropper, this is a glass tube tapered to a point with a rubber bulb fitted to the top.

Micropipette: Use for small-scale chemistry and biology experiments and general lab work. These need disposable pipet tips. Two-step plunger ensures accurate, precise filling and last drop dispensing from the tip.

Also find accessories, like a pump, filler, micropipette tips, Barnes bottle dropper, and amber bottle dropper.