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Weather Science Kits

Hands-on weather science kits & tools to explore weather and climate for kids.

How's the weather outside?

The science of weather affects everyone every day. Convection, high-pressure and low-pressure systems, evaporation—these weather phenomena influence our lives! They help determine if your game is called off due to rain or if there will be a sunny day for sledding. Learn more about the way weather works with hands-on experiment kits.

To teach about daily weather for kids, first help them understand the basic clouds types and what kind of weather they usually bring. A cloud chart helps them visualize their appearance. And projects, like Clouds & Weather Forecasting and Weather Experiments, help them make connections to resulting weather patterns.

Study clouds, precipitation, barometric (air) pressure, humidity, and other facets of the daily weather! Get up-to-the-minute weather information with a digital weather station. Or teach a weather unit study using barometers, educational weather kits, books, and more. Find instruments that measure weather for kids at home or in classrooms.