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Prepared Microscope Slides

Buy professionally prepared microscope slides and storage boxes for kids and students.

It doesn’t have to break the bank to study an amoeba under the microscope! We proudly offer prepared microscope slides that are both high quality and affordable. So you don't have to scour the internet looking for what you need. Instead, save your efforts for those labs: looking up close at hydra, or diatoms, or a host of other amazing microscopic life. And an added bonus: you don’t have to try to find strange one-celled creatures yourself. Instead, shop our extensive selection of prepared microscope slides for kids.

Our microscope slides are hand-prepared by professionals. Using multiple stains is typical. Likewise, specimens are hand-selected and arranged on the slide to display the greatest detail. Good slidemaking really is both art and science! Use 40-1000x power on your microscope to view.

From unicellular life to botany and anatomy, find quality prepared microscope slides for students here. Buy them individually or in discounted sets to get even more for your money.

Slide abbreviations: "l.s." stands for longitudinal section, "w.m." for whole mount, "c.s." for cross section.