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RS4K: Focus On Science Series
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Build a solid foundation for kids in elementary and junior high to prepare them well for high school science! Check out RS4K curriculum and lab supply kits.

Real Science-4-Kids: Focus On Science Curriculum and Lab Kits

RS4K is an award-winning science curriculum! Shop our wide variety of curriculum bundles to make your science curriculum more hands-on.

What Others Are Saying About RS4K
    • “This Science is perfect for my two sons ages 5&8!! Bigger print for easy reading. Bright fun colorful pictures!! Easy to retain and very educational!! This Science is fun!!! (Focus On Elementary Science Set)”

      — Jamie J.

    • “This collection of items is SO helpful! It has been thoroughly researched to the level that there is even a list of the bits and pieces that you still need to provide and when you will need them. I appreciate the time that I have saved by purchasing this kit. (Focus On Middle School Science Set Lab Kit)”

      — Anonymous Buyer

    • “I am using these books with my twins - and I have learned so much from them! I also have the Focus On: Chemistry set and love that as well. The presentation of the material is clear and well-organized and the illustrations make it lively for kids to follow. (Focus On Elementary Biology Set)”

      — Jackie P.

    Build a solid science foundation for your elementary and middle school-age kids to better prepare them for high school! Real Science-4-Kids is an engaging curriculum that focuses on fundamentals, giving your children confidence with essential concepts and terms. it includes hands-on activities based on the scientific method and colorful illustrations to hold their interest. THis well-established curriculum is positioned from a neutral worldview.

    • Real Science-4-Kids Focus on Elementary is our elementary science curriculum designed to introduce kids to foundational science in grades K-4
    • Real Science-4-Kids Focus on Middle School covers the basics of chemistry, biology, and physics. The three courses together provide a full year of science to kids in grades 5-8
    • Real Science-4-Kids Focus on High School was created for students grades 9-12. The hands on experiments are designed around the scientific method and emphasize investigation.