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Real Science-4-Kids

RS4K award-winning science curriculum is fun, easy, and has gravitas.

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  • Elementary Chemistry
    Elementary Chemistry

    Prepare your kids for chemistry without overwhelming them! "Focus On Elementary Chemistry" by Real Science-4-Kids.

  • Elementary Biology
    Elementary Biology

    Real science concepts and hands-on activities to interest grades K-4. "Focus On Elementary Biology" by Real Science-4-Kids.

  • Elementary Physics
    Elementary Physics

    Learn big physics concepts through story-like readings and lots of hands-on projects! 

  • Elementary Astronomy
    Elementary Astronomy

    Grades K-4 will get to explore the galaxy with this kid-friendly earth science course. "Focus On Elementary Astronomy" by Real Science-4-Kids.

  • Middle School Chemistry
    Middle School Chemistry

    Prepare your kids for high school chemistry without overwhelming them! "Focus On Middle School Chemistry" by Real Science-4-Kids.

  • Middle School Biology
    Middle School Biology

    Real science concepts and hands-on activities to interest grades 5-8. "Focus On Middle School Biology" by Real Science-4-Kids.

  • Middle School Physics
    Middle School Physics

    Physics concepts in middle school? Absolutely, if you’re using this course, "Focus On Middle School Physics" by Real Science-4-Kids.

  • Middle School Geology
    Middle School Geology

    Give students in grades 5-8 a great overview of geology and earth science! By Real Science-4-Kids.

  • Middle School Astronomy
    Middle School Astronomy

    Learn about advanced space science concepts in an understandable way with "Focus On Middle School Astronomy" by Real Science-4-Kids.

  • High School Chemistry
    High School Chemistry

    Introduce high-school students to the fundamental terms and concepts found in college-level chemistry. Curriculum and lab supply kit. 

Build a solid foundation for kids in elementary and junior high to prepare them well for high school science! Browse RS4K curriculum and lab supply kits.

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What do you know about the Focus On curriculum from Real Science-4-Kids? Does it suit your family's needs? Read our complete elementary and middle/high school curriculum reviews to learn more.

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Build a solid science foundation for your elementary- and junior high-age kids so they will be well-prepared for high school! Real Science-4-Kids is an engaging curriculum that focuses on fundamentals, giving your children confidence with essential concepts and terms. It includes hands-on activities based on the scientific method and colorful illustrations to hold their interest. This well established curriculum is positioned from a neutral worldview.


  • Real Science-4-Kids Focus On Elementary (formerly Pre-Level 1) is designed to introduce kids to foundational science in grades K-4.
  • Real Science-4-Kids Focus On Middle School (formerly Level 1) covers the basics of chemistry, biology, and physics; the three courses together provide a full year of science for kids in grades 5-8.
  • Real Science-4-Kids Focus On High School (formerly Level 2) was created for students in grades 9-12. The hands-on experiments are designed around the scientific method and emphasize investigation. Coming soon.