Quail Eggs and Incubators

Small budget egg incubators to hatch live quail birds.

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Even if you’ve never been to a farm, you can still enjoy the wonder of holding newborn chicks! In your own home, you and your kids can see firsthand the amazing process of a baby bird hatching from a fertilized egg.

 You can order an incubator that comes complete with four quail eggs, or order the incubator alone to hatch your choice of eggs like chicken or duck. The fertilized quail eggs will hatch in about three weeks. This is a project that takes special care to regulate temperature and keep a safe environment for your baby birds, but it’s also one your whole family can enjoy!

 For information on egg hatching with an incubator and caring for baby quail, see our Incubator Hatching Science Lesson.

The incubator with live quail eggs and the set of eight quail eggs are shipped directly from our supplier via Priority Mail (USPS). Expect delivery in 2-3 weeks.