Homeschool Science: Shop Your Way

I already have my curriculum picked out.

Great! Get your lab kit ordered so you'll be all set for fall. Just select the publisher and grade level(s) you need.

Help, I don't know what to do for science!

Science Unlocked is just the ticket - everything is included and it's easy to teach. Get one or a few, depending on how often you want to do science, or buy a full year of science at once with Science Unlocked bundles.

I prefer not to use a traditional curriculum.

Try one of our many hands-on science kits - just pick a topic (or 2 or 3) you want to focus on and get started.
There are lots to choose from!

Supplement your science education needs with equipment and supplies you can trust.

From microscopes to dissection supplies to lab equipment, you can count on the 2000+ products we carry to make it easier to make hands-on science learning happen at home. 

Superior Learning Outcomes

Superior Learning Outcomes

Kids Learn Best With Hands-On Science

Studies show when kids get to "do" science rather than reading about it, they understand concepts deeper, become better problem-solves and strengthen their critical thinking skills. Our mission is to help all students have superior learning outcomes in science.