Early Elementary Science Learning

The Wonder level of Science Unlocked is appropriate for most students in kindergarten, first, or second grade. These children's abilities are still developing, such as sorting and classifying, sustaining their attention for long periods, using deductive or inductive reasoning, and applying a concept to more general situations. Wonder level focuses on students’ natural curiosity and exploring the natural world.

Everything You Need in One Box

Each Kit Includes

  • Hands-on learning activities for real world science application
  • Step-by-step experiment processes and materials
  • Teachers Guide
  • Reading passages
  • Student assessments
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Year 1 Bundle

$265.00  $239.99

Explore the six Wonder-level kits included

Science Unlocked: From Brr to Burrow Kit Contents

From Brr to Burrow

Animals Solving Problems

Solve problems in a relatable way by exploring how animals maintain body heat and conserve energy in freezing temperatures.

Science Unlocked: Squishy Science Kit Contents

Squishy Science

Physical Properties of Materials

Learn about states of matter, physical properties, and the engineering design while working with slime and squishy concoctions.

Science Unlocked: Blast Off! Kit Contents

Blast Off!

Ready, Set, Rocket

Burn, burst, and stomp four different mini-"rockets" to test how pushes and pulls change speed or direction of moving objects.

Science Unlocked: Hot and Cold Kit Contents

Hot and Cold

The Amazing World of Temperature

Design and carry out an investigation making a thermometer and using it to measure the effects of various conditions on temperature.

Science Unlocked: Weather Watch Kit Contents

Weather Watch

Looking at the Weather

Build weather models and track their local weather to understand the weather all around you, including severe weather events.

Science Unlocked: See You Around Kit Contents

See You Around

Watching the Sun, Moon, and Stars from Earth

Learn about space by modeling the movements of the Earth and Moon around the Sun that cause day and night, moon phases, seasons, and more.

Year 2 Bundle

$265.00  $239.99

Explore the six Wonder-level kits included

Science Unlocked: Brick by Brick Kit Contents

Brick by Brick

Properties and Purposes of Building Materials

Learn how small things stick together to make big things, make rocks bubble, and design a tiny house to explore chemistry.

Science Unlocked: A-Maze-ing Mirrors Kit Contents

A-Maze-ing Mirrors

An Introduction to Light

Investigate the world of light and discover what happens when it hits different objects with a periscope, mirror maze, and more.

Science Unlocked: That's a Sound Idea Kit Contents

That's a Sound Idea

Sound, Vibration, and Communication

Make some noise! You’ll be cheering with delight when you do these hands-on experiments about sound and vibration.

Science Unlocked: Go with the Flow Kit Contents

Go with the Flow

How Dams Impact the Environment

Build and test dams and a watershed to learn how animals and people impact the environment by changing the flow of water.

Science Unlocked: Not-So-Solid Ground Kit Contents

Not-So-Solid Ground

Fast and Slow Changes on Earth’s Surface

Learn how Earth’s surface features are changed by natural and human-caused events with sand castles and landform models.

Science Unlocked: Keys to Life Kit Contents

Keys to Life

Food, Water, Shelter, and Space

What are the four keys to life for plants and animals? Sprout seeds, dissect an owl pellet, and build animal homes to find out!

Year 3 Bundle


Explore the six Wonder-level kits included:

Science Unlocked: Penguin Parenting Kit Contents

Penguin Parenting

Penguin Parents Risk it All

Learn about penguin parenting and the reasons penguins will risk their lives to provide for and raise their offspring.

Science Unlocked: Super Seeds Kit Contents

Super Seeds

Amazing Diversity of Seeds

Design and carry out investigations to discover diversity and dispersal of seeds, and explore pollination and germination.

Science Unlocked: From Here to There Kit Contents

From Here to There

Moving Objects with Simple Machines

Use simple machines to get the objects you need.

Science Unlocked: Slingshots, Crossbows, and Catapults, Oh My! Kit Contents

Slingshots, Crossbows, and Catapults, Oh My!

Design and Test Tools to Solve Problems

Build and test different launchers to decide which works best to solve human problems.

Science Unlocked: Sun Blocker Kit Contents

Sun Blocker

Light and Warmth From the Sun

Learn why the Sun is important to Earth by finding out how to melt chocolate faster, making art using the Sun, and more!

Science Unlocked: Parts in Place

Parts in Place

Small Pieces Make Big Structures Work

Make a toy car with working headlights, mix up two kinds of modeling dough, and build a bridge, all while learning about the smallest pieces of matter.

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