Science Gifts for Kids
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Rock Hound's Backpack Kit
Paleontologist's backpack kit
Rock Study Kit, 15 specimens
Microscopic Discovery Kit
Bristlebot Robotics Kit
BlueBot 4-in-1 Robotics Kit
Thames & Kosmos Mega Cyborg Hand
Veggie Power Battery Kit
Thames & Kosmos Robotics, Smart Machines
Crime Scene Investigation Kit
The booklet that accompanies the kit has an image of a female doctor with a stethoscope. She is holding it to a fake heart pinned to her doctor jacket. The text overlaying the image reads "For Future Doctors. If you want to become a medical professional, you cannot miss this!"

Science Gifts for Kids

Science gifts for kids from toddler to teenager & beyond.

Looking for the perfect gift for kids? If your kids love science, or any type of hands-on learning for that matter, then you've come to the perfect place! Use the selection above as a gift guide to find some of the best science sets for inspired learning.

These science gifts for kids provide memorable and fun ways to explore the complexities of our amazing world. Choose from a curated selection of high-quality educational products designed to stimulate thinking, creativity, and problem-solving abilities in kids of all ages.

All HST science gifts and educational toys come with our 90-day satisfaction guarantee!

These science gift ideas for kids include robotic kits, gadgets, STEM toys, engineering & building toys, chemistry kits, DIY & experiment kits, science board games & other science toys, science kits & sets for home chemistry labs! Here, you can find all sorts of high-quality science gifts for your young scientists that are affordable, relevant, & fun. We even provide engaging & creative stem gifts that offer rich educational insights and support stem learning.

There are so many great gifts to choose from! To make your learning experiences as positive and accessible as possible, many of the gifts and kits above (like our chemistry sets) come with step-by-step instructions that walk you through the hands-on projects inside. 

Look through the gift ideas above and below to discover the science toys & kits that would make the best gifts for your scientific explorers! You can also check out our Science Gifts by Age and Science Gifts by Interest for more excellent science gift ideas.