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Slime Kit for Kids

Ages 8+
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How can playing with slime, glooze & oobleck teach kids about chemical reactions & polymers? With our slime science kit! Explore the behavior of 4 types of slime & learn about valuable scientific principles along the way! Read More

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Use our slime science kit to create your own slime lab! Learn how to make slime with glue, borax, and more ingredients.

With our DIY slime kit, kids have ooey-gooey fun while also learning about valuable scientific principles. This slime science kit is one of our best sellers, and it offers fun for the whole family! It teaches kids how to make slime with easy-to-follow recipes, and it provides a fun, engaging demonstration of the chemical reactions and polymers behind kid-friendly slime. But don't just take our word for it; check out the customer reviews below!

This beginner-level slime science kit offers:

  • An all-in-one-box complete slime-making kit with the needed slime ingredients
  • Our 8-page Slime Science guide with a step-by-step instruction manual and 4 simple slime recipes (use our guide to make your own recipe cards!)
  • A safe and easy science experiment/activity for budding scientists and their parents

Slime is a fascinating substance that offers more than just the fun of making and playing with it. As you and your kids explore the behavior of slime with the four different recipes provided in our kit, you also will learn about polymers and how non-Newtonian fluids display both liquid and solid properties. Slime is an excellent substance to create and explore at home, and it can also be used for a number of science fair projects!

Complete with lab-quality chemicals, containers, and instructions, this hands-on kit gives your young scientific explorers first-hand experience making simple slime (putty-like texture) and super slime (clear & gooey)! To make other types of slime, like glooze (slimy & ooze-like) and oobleck (resembles quicksand), simply add kitchen staples, like corn starch, skim milk, vinegar, and baking soda.

Adult supervision is recommended as kids conduct these fun and messy experiments. Let the slimy science fun begin!




Slime Kit Contents

  • Polyvinyl alcohol solution
  • Sodium tetraborate (Borax)
  • School glue
  • Mixing bottle
  • 3 plastic mixing cups
  • Wooden mixing sticks
  • Our 8-page Slime Science guide with a step-by-step instruction manual & 4 simple slime recipes


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