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What is microbiology for kids? Microbiology is the study of microscopic organisms, or microorganisms for short. Microscopic means something is so small that you need a microscope to see it. In biology, an organism is any being that exhibits the properties of life.

So how is studying microscopic organisms for kids different than for adults? And do you need a microscope to study microbiology?

First, HST's kits and supplies let kids do much more than just read about microbes, fungus & bacteria. Instead, they jump right in with observing, testing, and experimenting—just like a real microbiologist. Second, while using a microscope enriches microbiology studies, it's not necessary! Several products (like the Glo Germ kits) let kids visualize microbes with their naked eyes.

Why does learning about microbiology matter? Microbiology for kids helps prepare them to fight infections & disease, maintain a healthy food supply, and more.

Popular microscopic organisms for kids kits are protozoa cultures, the Microscopic Life Kit & live bacteria sets. Other top-sellers include our hands-on study kits or the microbiology coloring book to explore more in-depth.

Explore the natural world further with our microscopic organisms for kids! Microbiology for kids has never been more fun.

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