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Dissection Kits

Shop dissection kits for kids & homeschool dissection kits for students and classrooms.

Whether you’re thinking “Oh, gross!” or “How cool!”, dissection is an important part of your biology lab work. Make it easy on yourself with a complete biology dissection kit.

Praise for HST Dissection Kits

"I'm very pleased with the Home Science Tools "Apologia" science kits. The savings alone is a blessing! The "Apologia Biology" dissection specimen kit contains the same creatures, a dissecting plate with non-slip cutting mat, and the scalpel and other tools needed. Additionally, enclosed was a complementary brief guide on How to Dissect a Frog. For just a few dollars, you can order guides to dissect the perch, crawdad, and worm. I'm delighted with the savings, and reliable quality of the "Apologia Biology" equivalent dissection kit!" - Rena H

"I bought the Mammal Organs Dissection Kit to use for my Anatomy and Physiology class and it was perfect! It came packaged up in a convenient way, and the instructions were easy to follow. The kit I ordered was a lot cheaper than buying it through my school, can’t wait to order another kit!" – Savannah G. 

"We unschool at home, and when me and my eight-year-old stumbled upon their dissecting kits she was so excited! This kit is perfect and comes with everything you need. I can still remember the smell from the frog dissection in school and I was pleasantly surprised that their claim of no to little smell was true. Just perfect for my little surgeon in training. Exciting to try other kits." -- Roxanna

All HST dissection kits come with our 90-day satisfaction guarantee.

What is dissection?

To dissect an animal (or plant) is to cut and separate its parts for scientific examination. Dissections help you learn about animals from the inside out. You can see how their organs, tissues, veins, and muscles interact and cooperate.

When you cut an animal for dissection, you'll keep the body parts separate by pinning them. This allows you to study them closely, without obstruction. The cuts you make in a dissection will usually follow natural lines of cleavage (i.e., connective tissue).

Dissecting animals is a life skill

It takes practice (and patience) to become good at dissecting.

Good dissection technique is important in many science and medical occupations. Some of these occupations are research scientists, veterinarians, surgeons, forensic examiners, and pathologists (the doctors who conduct autopsies).

But more than that, the project your students work on becomes a reference point. It will help them make connections with everything they read, hear, and see in the future!

(Connections = comprehension.)

Choosing a dissection kit

Selecting the right dissection kit is entirely dependent on your goals. Invertebrate dissection kits are a simple and cost-efficient way to make biology for kids more interesting. Large animal dissection kits are appropriate for middle-school, high-school, and college-level biology labs.

You can use HST dissection kits for both homeschool and traditional school labs. Standard kits include preserved specimens such as frogs, fetal pigs, or fish. You can also choose a mammal organ dissection kit that includes organs from various animals. Or, choose single-organ kits such as cows eyes, sheep hearts, and sheep brains.

What comes with an HST dissection kit?

Dissection kits from HST come with preserved dissection specimens, photographic dissection guides, and the dissection tools and supplies you’ll need to cut, separate, pin, and closely study animal body parts and anatomy. Supporting products inside our dissection kits include nitrile gloves, lab aprons, and dissection trays.

HST injects some dissection specimens with dye, making it easier for you to find the animal’s veins and arteries as you are dissecting. In sealed, original packaging, our preserved specimens are guaranteed to remain fully preserved and free of decay for six months from the date of purchase.

Using the dissection guides inside the kits, you’ll learn techniques for mastering dissections. The guides include photos, which help ensure that you use the tools safely and correctly.

The dissection tools inside are reusable and may include forceps, scalpels (blades and handles), scissors, teasing needles (curved and straight), rulers, and medicine droppers. To reuse these tools, simply clean them with boiling water swabs or another sterilizer.

HST dissection kits save you both money and time! Rather than having to buy your dissection products and supplies individually, our dissection kits provide you with everything you need - all bundled in one convenient box!

Since 1994, HST has supplied thousands of dissection kits to homeschool, public, and private school students for use in their biology labs.