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Whether you’re thinking “Oh, gross!” or “How cool!”, dissection is an important part of your biology lab work. Make it easy on yourself with a complete biology dissection kit.

You get instructions, dissecting tools, and, yes, even carefully-preserved specimens. The most commonly-used classroom and homeschool dissection kits are for frogs and cow eyeballs. (Trust us—dissecting an eye is more fascinating than it sounds!)

When you order dissection kits for kids, students, or classrooms, you save off the individual price. Plus, you get the tools, manuals for how to dissect, and specimens you need in one box.

If a fetal pig, grasshopper, or other dissection kit is on your wishlist, you're in the right place. Browse complete high school kits for a multi-student classroom and more. You'll find dissection kits to meet your needs and science budget.