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Best kids microscopes: pocket, digital, stereo, compound & beginner.

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Find top-selling science products based on your child’s age and interests. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

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Find the best microscopes for kids here! Portable, lightweight, (nearly) indestructible, and inexpensive. They're all here.

Kids microscopes provide an unbeatable introduction to science and microorganisms. Viewing slides and specimens under magnification promises a whole new world of science discovery!

This selection of the best microscopes for kids were all designed with beginners in mind. Their small sizes fit smaller hands and faces. They're durable, since younger learners tend to be less careful. And they need less precise adjustments to accommodate developing fine motor skills. Many also have LED lighting that last a long time and is cool to the touch.

When selecting the best children's microscope, you're going to have questions. What comes with it? What's the magnification level? What age level is it for? But none of those things matter unless your kids can handle it and it can handle your kids. And the answer to both is a resounding yes!

Shop the selection of the best microscopes for kids here. Reach out to customer support, if you need more help. And look for bulk discount pricing, if you need several microscopes.