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Whodunnit? Detective Spy Scope

Ages 11+
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The My First Lab Whodunnit? Detective Spy Scope is a special duo-scope design that allows you to view both highly-magnified transparent microscope slides and solid objects. Read More

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The My First Lab Whodunnit? Detective Spy Scope is a special duo-scope design that allows you to view both highly-magnified transparent microscope slides and solid objects. The key to this dual-viewing functionality is an LED illumination system that can either provide bottom lighting for slides or top lighting for solid specimens. In addition, the illumination system can provide white light for standard viewing or ultraviolet "black" light for viewing currency and other fluorescing objects.

Don't confuse this little detective microscope with a toy or a simple magnifying glass: it features real optical glass lenses and a metal frame, making it durable and very usable. It sits 12" tall, which is the ideal size for kids while still providing a big enough field of view. The bright LED light is powered by three AA batteries, making it a take-anywhere scope indoors or out. Two 2-way switches allow you to independently use white light or black light on the bottom illuminator and/or top illuminator. A 6-hole disc diaphragm provides lighting and contrast control when using microscope slides. The three objective lenses and 10x widefield eyepiece provide total microscope magnification levels of 40, 100, and 400x. The large coarse focusing knob is fast and easy to use at 40x and 100x magnification but requires more care at 400x magnification.

The Whodunnit? Detective Spy Scope comes with an extensive accessory kit for hours of crime scene type investigation. With it and their microscope, kids can dive into forensic science as they analyze and study evidence, including fingerprints, blood splatter, hair and fiber, writing and ink, fraud, acids, and other liquids. They can also use prepared slides, as well as learn to make their own slides with coverslips and more! A complete list of items included in the detective microscope accessory kit is provided under the Contents tab.


This microscope kit includes a dust cover and complete operating instructions. C&A Scientific My First Lab Model MFL-007 with a one-year warranty. Adult supervision (the accessory kit contains glass and sharp instruments). You provide three AA batteries.

This detective microscope is not suitable for general high school use due to the coarse focusing limitations at 400x magnification.




Whodunnit? Detective Spy Scope accessory kit contents:

  • Top Secret envelope with four evidence cards
  • 5 blank fingerprint card
  • Ink pad for fingerprints
  • Fiber samples of cotton, linen, nylon, silk and wool
  • Evidence bag
  • Crime Scene tape
  • Mini flashlight with battery
  • Small magnifier
  • pH paper
  • 2 doctor's masks
  • 4 prepared slides
  • 5 plain glass slides
  • Concavity slide
  • Cover glass
  • Red and blue stain
  • Lens paper
  • Plastic forceps
  • Plastic dropper
  • Plastic test tube
  • Plastic petri dish
  • Wooden teasing needle
  • Slide labels
  • Cotton tip applicator stick
  • Bulb blower
  • Poly gloves, 2 pairs
  • Whodunnit Experiments booklet


  • Monocular 45° inclined head for convenient viewing
  • 10x wide-field inclined eyepiece with glass optics
  • 4x, 10x, and 40xR objectives are achromatic to prevent color distortion
  • Coarse focusing with an easy-grip knob
  • Rack-and-pinion focusing
  • 90 x 90 mm stage with clips
  • 6x-hole disc diaphragm to adjust lighting for best resolution
  • White or black (ultraviolet) LED illumination with 2-way switches for both top or bottom illuminators
  • Long-life LED bulb is rated for 10,000 hours of use
  • Uses three AA batteries (not included)
  • Field of view is 3.3mm at 40x
  • Metal frame, stands 12" tall
  • A replacement light bulb is available
  • Includes operating instructions and dust cover
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