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Test Tubes

Glass & plastic test tubes for science lab, storage, and diy projects.

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If you've ever wondered where to buy test tubes, you've found your answer!

Find them in glass and plastic. HST's glass test tubes are made from strong borosilicate glass and can be heated, and our plastic ones are polystyrene. "Baby soda bottles" come with a screw-on cap and are kid-friendly for even the youngest scientists.

Also find other complementary equipment for your laboratory experiments and science projects. Shop wooden or plastic racks (stands), culture tubes, metal clamps, cleaning brushes, and more.

A lab test tube is ideal for working with small quantities of a liquid. For example, in testing how much vitamin C is in lemon juice or other lab applications.

Need rubber stoppers to fill the ends? Go to our stoppers page. HST is your source for all your lab supply needs.

Click on a product to see available discounts for ordering 10 or more tubes or stands.