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Test Tubes for Science

Shop for glass & plastic test tubes for chemistry, projects & DIY

Whatever your project, from a chemistry lab to plant propagation, find great prices here on test tubes!

Get clear glass or clear plastic depending on the durability you need. All our glass test tubes are made from strong borosilicate glass and can be heated, and our plastic ones are polystyrene. "Baby soda bottles" come with a screw cap and are kid-friendly for even the youngest scientists - also a fun and practical choice for many science fair projects. HST offers round-bottom test tubes as well as science tubes with a conical bottom.

Plus find other complementary equipment for your laboratory experiments and science projects. Shop wooden or plastic test tube racks (stands), culture tubes, metal clamps, cleaning brushes, and more.

A chemistry lab test tube is ideal for working with small quantities of a liquid. (For example, testing how much vitamin C is in different types of juice.)

Test tubes are general-purpose lab glassware and even make fun party favors or stocking stuffers! Need rubber stoppers to fill the ends? Go to our stoppers page. We offer high-quality, affordable items for all your science needs!