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Chemistry Mortar and Pestles

Porcelain lab mortar and pestle chemistry sets to grind and crush.

Use mortar and pestle chemistry sets to crush up solid chemicals into smaller pieces, or to grind solids into fine powder. This makes it easier to dissolve solids into solvents (when making solutions).

A mortar and pestle chemistry set has two pieces. The pestle is shaped like a club and is used for crushing. The mortar is the bowl in which you place the chemical.

HST’s own brand of mortars and pestles are inexpensive and well reviewed. Each set features a glazed porcelain pestle handle. The exterior of the mortar is also glazed. The mortar’s interior and the bottom of the pestle are unglazed for more effective grinding. The rims have integrated pouring spouts.

Whenever you need to grind up solid state chemicals into fine powder or crush solids into smaller pieces, you need a deep form mortar and pestle set. Sizes range from 80 ml to 500 ml capacity.