Science Gifts for Boys
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Unique & Fun Science Gifts for Boys

Find the best tech & outdoor gifts for boys, from ages 5 to tween to teen!

Trying to find fun & unique Christmas or birthday gifts for the boys on your list? We've got ideas for you!

  • Best outdoor / nature gifts for a 5- to 7- year old boy: Pocket Microscope or Triops
  • Best outdoor gift for a tween boy: Rock Hound Backpack Kit 
  • Best tech gift for 5- to 9- year old boy: Electric Play Dough Kit
  • Best tech gift ideas for tween (e.g. 11-year-old): boys: K'Nex or a coding robot
  • Best tech gift for a 13-year-old boy & older: DIY Fuel Cell Car Kit

And of course, for the most fun gifts for boys of all ages, get some Thinking Putty!