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Happy Atoms Complete Set

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Ages 10+
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If you're happy & you know it, build a molecule! This molecular modeling system embraces a revolutionary approach to teaching chemistry, taking students on a unique chemistry adventure. Build tens of thousands of molecules! Read More

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Create your own happy atoms & explore the world of molecules with this Happy Atoms Complete Set from Thames & Kosmos!

This hands-on science kit enriches a child's science education and provides an innovative approach for introducing and teaching chemistry to kids. They can use the 17 atom models inside this chemistry set to build hundreds of their own molecular models and glimpse into the real world of chemical bonds; the atoms combine with the user-friendly magnetic metal tips at the ends of rubbery arms. The corresponding app/digital system lets curious learners explore molecular structures, take guided tests, and more!

---Simplify your exploration with the Happy Atoms Introductory Set!---

What makes Thames & Kosmos Happy Atoms different?

Magnetic physical pieces AND a top-rated digital app.

Kids can build, scan, identify, and explore molecules!

With Happy Atoms Complete, students use 50 atoms representing 16 elements to build more than 17,500 molecules!

What makes these atoms so happy?

While atoms don't have emotions, they do have observable behaviors. And atoms tend to be more stable (happy) with certain numbers of electrons.

Where do they find extra electrons if they need more to be happy? From other atoms that have too many electrons, of course! When atoms share or exchange electrons to be happy, they stick together. Happy atoms form molecules! 

With the Happy Atoms Complete Set, kids first build models using magnetic connectors. Next they scan and identify molecules using the free app. Finally, students discover molecular usage, hazards, formula, and more.

What’s included in the Happy Atoms Complete Set?

  • 50 atoms
  • 16 different elements
  • 216 activities
  • 17,500+ possible molecules
  • 16-page instruction guide & experiment manual
  • Periodic Table of the Elements poster

What can kids do with the Happy Atoms app?

  • Explore molecular properties, composition & structure
  • Take guided quests to discover & learn about new molecules
  • Collect sets of molecules they've built & explored
  • Use it as a fun, interactive chemistry curriculum

How does the Happy Atoms app work?

  • Using the app & the camera on your tablet or smartphone, you can scan molecules you build
  • The app uses state-of-the-art image recognition technology to identify the molecules
  • After a molecule is discovered, the app presents information about it, including its composition, usage, properties, hazards, formula, and structure 
  • The app can recognize hundreds of the molecules that you can build with this set 
  • It presents detailed information about 52 of the molecules you can build
  • It takes you on guided quests to discover new molecules and learn about them
  • You can track your progress with the app, collecting sets of molecules that you have built and explored

Who should use Happy Atoms?

  • Homeschool families & chemistry classrooms
  • Middle school through college students
  • People who find chemistry complicated or abstract
  • People who can't get enough of chemistry

How are molecules built with Happy Atoms?

  • Rubbery arms with magnetic tips represent free electrons
  • Magnetic sites on the spheres represent empty spots in the atom’s outermost electron shell
  • Atoms stick together when you snap the metal tips (electrons) to the magnetic bonding sites
  • Atoms include the correct number of free electrons and empty bonding sites, making it hard to build a molecule that isn't real

NOTE: The Happy Atoms app is supported by both Android and IOS (iPhone, iPad) devices.


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Happy Atoms Complete Set Contents:

  • Quickstart Instruction Guide & Experiment Manual
  • White Drawstring Storage Bag & Scanning Mat
  • Periodic Table Poster
  • 14 Hydrogen Atoms
  • 1 Helium Atom
  • 2 Lithium Atoms
  • 2 Beryllium Atoms
  • 6 Carbon Atoms
  • 3 Nitrogen Atoms
  • 6 Oxygen Atoms
  • 2 Fluorine Atoms
  • 1 Neon Atom
  • 2 Sodium Atoms
  • 2 Magnesium Atoms
  • 2 Silicon Atoms
  • 2 Phosphorus Atoms
  • 2 Sulfur Atoms
  • 2 Chlorine Atoms
  • 1 Argon Atom


Warning: MAGNETS - This product contains very strong magnets and are a pinching hazard. Keep out of reach of young children. Keep away from pacemakers and internal medical devices.
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