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Laboratory Binocular Microscope with Plan Optics

$995.00 $769.95
Ages 11+

HST's laboratory binocular microscopes for sale include this professional microscope with plan objectives. Provides 95% flatness of field & superb clarity for less than a comparable microscope with achromatic objectives! Read More

Out of Stock, Expected to Ship: 7/22/2022

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Overwhelmed by all of the professional binocular microscopes for sale? No need to look further; this bestseller is an excellent choice.

Unmatched plan optics and the finest mechanics comprise the ergonomic engineering of this professional lab microscope. The Siedentopf binocular head with two comfortable viewing 20 mm eyepieces affords an expanded field of view and 360° rotation. Dual diopters compensate for discrepancies between your eyes while 55-75 mm interpupillary adjustment allows each user to achieve a custom fit. Its DIN standard plan objectives provide flawless clarity, 95% flatness of field, and true color from a magnification range of 40x to 1000x.

This compound microscope's effortless coaxial fine and coarse focusing and low-position stage controls allow continuous accuracy with fingertip precision. Compare slides side-by-side on the extra-large 50 x 75 mm integrated mechanical stage. Includes 1.25 N.A. Abbe condenser, an iris diaphragm, and premium 20-watt extra bright variable-intensity halogen light source for ideal contrast control. This professional biological microscope is proficient in all biology, medical or veterinary laboratory applications. Other industry-standard features include: ball-bearing, double-layer mechanical stage; swing-out filter holder with blue, green, and yellow filters; and 100-240 volt AC universal power supply. Complete with instructions, dust cover, spare bulb, immersion oil, and a lifetime warranty.

Take incredible close-up pictures with your microscope!

Want to turn this lab microscope into a digital microscope? Get a great deal on our excellent, easy-to-use 2.0 Megapixel Digital Camera. With it, you'll be able to take high-clarity images of everything you see under your scope! See detailed description >>

About the Professional Laboratory Microscope

As part of our ongoing commitment to make high-quality science tools accessible for everyone, we proudly introduce our new Professional Laboratory Microscope series. These are built to stringent standards that are even greater than our highly-acclaimed Home Science Tools educational microscopes. Each professional microscope undergoes rigorous testing and inspection before we pass them along to you.

Because we work directly with the manufacturer, you'll enjoy elite science industry specifications without the premium price tag. Plan objective lenses, super wide field long relief eyepieces, variable-intensity halogen lighting, meticulous engineering, and finest mechanics, make these the obvious choice for laboratory professionals who demand expert quality but don't want to pay brand-name premium prices.

This is why we can say with confidence that while you can always find cheaper microscopes, you won't find better quality professional laboratory microscopes for your money.





  • Two 10x widefield high comfort premium eyepieces with 20 mm exit pupil distance and 22 mm super wide viewing field
  • Siedentopf binocular head is 30° inclined, rotates 360° and includes dual diopters and 55-75 mm interpupillary adjustment
  • 4x (0.10 NA), 10x (0.25 NA), 40xR (0.65NA) and 100xR (1.25 NA) superior plan objectives are DIN standard, parcentered, and parfocaled and allow you to observe virtually the entire viewing field in sharp focus at once
  • 40xR objective is retractable; 100xR objective is oil retractable
  • The 4-hole objective turret is ball-bearing mounted for smooth, precise changes in magnification
  • Smooth precision coaxial coarse and fine focusing with tension adjustment and 2 micron fine division
  • Focus tension adjustment eliminates stage drift
  • Large 132 x 140 mm stage with stage stop and integrated ball-bearing double-layer 55 x 75 mm mechanical stage with x-y movement low-position coaxial controls
  • 1.25 N.A. Abbe condenser with rack-and-pinion focusing
  • Adjustable iris diaphragm for excellent contrast control
  • Swing-out filter holder with blue, green, and yellow contrast filters
  • Extra-bright premium 20-watt halogen illumination with variable intensity control for glare-free and uniform specimen illumination
  • High-quality 100-240 volt AC universal power supply
  • Field-of-view is 5.0 mm with 4x, 2.0 mm with 10x, 0.5 mm with 40x and 0.2 mm with 100x objective
  • Cast aluminum frame with chemical-resistant coating stands 16" tall, 8.5" wide, and 10" deep
  • Includes operating instructions, immersion oil, a dust cover, filters, and spare bulb
  • Replacement light bulb available
  • Protective aluminum microscope case also available
  • This professional laboratory microscope is available with a trinocular head. A digital camera is also available.
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