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BlueBot 4-in-1 Robotics Classroom Kit

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Ideal for Grades 6+
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While many robotic kits are quite advanced, this home & classroom robotics kit is the perfect intro to robotics - no experience needed. Build robots, explore different sensors & more! Contains enough supplies for 20 students. Read More

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Build your own robots from scratch and ignite student interest in STEM learning with this home and classroom robotics kit!

Designed to provide students with an authentic, real-world introduction to robotics and computer science, this classroom robotics kit explores problem-solving and the fundamentals of: building circuits, powering motors, and learning how robots capture and respond to information about their surroundings. Ideal for middle school students in grades 6-8, but may be an excellent tool for late elementary or early high school students as well.

This classroom set includes 5 robot kits with enough supplies for 20 students, following our recommended group size of 4. Special teacher pricing – save 10% off the cost of 5 individual kits.   

The accompanying lesson plan makes it easy to begin teaching robotics in the classroom - no previous robotics experience is needed.

The lesson plan/robotics curriculum is aligned to NGSS and key state standards; it guides you step-by-step through the robot assembly and exploration of the electromagnetic spectrum using the robot’s sensor. Comprehensive teacher tools, including videos and slideshows, guide you through the lesson prep and class time. Additional lesson variations give you ideas on how to customize the lesson plan for your class.

Line-Following BlueBot Lesson Plan:  Grades 6-8

These educational robots can serve as a fun hands-on conclusion to a unit on electricity, circuits, and the electromagnetic spectrum, or as an exploration of engineering and robotics.

Other fun programmable robots and robotics projects that can be made & done with this kit, include:

  • Guard Bot—program/cue robot to spring into action when an intruder arrives.
  • Light-tracking Robot—follows a flashlight the way a cat might stalk a moving light.
  • Obstacle-avoiding Robot—can find its way through a crowded room.

Quality supplies give students a glimpse into programming language and allows them to experience real science and engineering.

Science Buddies has customized the electronic components in this kit so they are easy to use in a classroom setting, eliminating the need for soldering and wire cutters. Students will get experience building and assembling a robot using real electronic components — no toys or plastic blocks hiding how circuits and robotics really work.

All parts are reusable, so the same kit can be used across multiple classes. 

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Instructions are NOT included with the kit, but are available online from Science Buddies.


Additional project instructions from Science Buddies:


BlueBot 4-in-1 Robotics Classroom Kit has supplies for 20 students:
Each classroom kit contains 5 BlueBot kits, enough for 20 students working in our recommended group size of 4.

  • 5 Robot chassis (includes wheels, two motors, and a 4xAA battery holder)
  • 5 3xAA battery holder with leads
  • 20 AA batteries
  • 5 Breadboard
  • 5 Jumper wire kit, 70 pieces of assorted colors and lengths
  • 5 Male-female jumper wires, 30 pack, assorted colors
  • 5 On/off switch
  • 10 Diodes
  • 10 MOSFETs
  • 10 10 kΩ potentiometers
  • 10 Photoresistors
  • 10 Infrared reflective object sensors
  • 5 Passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor
  • 10 Lever switch with leads
  • 5 L293D H-bridge motor driver
  • 50 150 Ω 1/4 watt resistor
  • 50 220 Ω 1/4 watt resistor
  • 50 4.7 kΩ 1/4 watt resistor
  • 50 10 kΩ 1/4 watt resistor


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