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Voltaic Cell Battery Kit

Ages 11+
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Make your own battery with this voltaic cell kit. Read More

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Make your own battery with this voltaic cell kit! This voltaic cell kit is a good springboard for your own science fair project on battery power. You will learn how chemical energy is converted to electrical energy as you experiment with vinegar, lemon juice and other electrolytes. This voltaic cell battery kit includes a clear plastic battery jar, copper electrode, either a zinc or aluminum electrode (depending on availability), all hardware needed, and instructions. You supply vinegar or other electrolytes you'd like to try.

You can also purchase optional iron, or carbon electrodes to make a battery with different electrode combinations. You can measure the voltage and amperage produced in your voltaic cell experiments using a digital multimeter.

These questions might help you come up with a good science fair project:

  • What household electrolytes (liquid for conducting electricity that you put in the jar--like vinegar or salt water) are most effective for producing electricity?
  • What electrode combination is most effective for producing electricity?
  • How well does a carbon rod work as a positive electrode?






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