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Rocks & Minerals Earth Science Collection, 75 specimens

Ages 8+
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This Earth Science rock collection of 75 number-coded, unmounted specimens is a valuable tool for demonstrating physical properties, major rock-forming minerals & more. It's the perfect rock kit for any rock hound! Read More

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This premium Earth Science rock & mineral collection is one of our best sellers! Guaranteed to engage and educate rock lovers and enthusiasts, this rocks and minerals set comes with 75 rock samples, all of which are number-coded, unmounted, and 3/4"-1" in size. Test each specimen in this rock science kit to examine and discover its unique physical properties!

 This 75-Specimen Rock Kit Includes: 

  • 9 of the 10 hardness levels from the Mohs scale (all but diamond)
  • Sturdy Compartmented Storage Box
  • Streak Plate
  • Magnet
  • Magnifier
  •  Rocks, Minerals and Gemstones: an Introductory Study Guide   

The 16-page Rocks, Minerals, and Gemstones guide includes basic rock identification information on many of the specimens inside this mineral kit. This rock specimens guide is organized into sections on:

  • mineral properties;
  • metallic minerals;
  • nonmetallic minerals;
  • rock-forming minerals;
  • igneous rocks;
  • sedimentary rocks;
  • metamorphic rocks;
  • and gemstones

It also includes charts explaining the rock cycle and as well as the classification of the three rock types. Featuring a variety or sedimentary rocks, igneous rock collections, and more, this rocks and minerals collection kit is the perfect hands-on rock collection box starter kit or addition to any rock collection! 

NOTE: This rocks and minerals kit contains galena. Galena is a form of lead sulfide, a compound that occurs commonly in the earth’s crust. The National Center for Environment Health at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta has indicated that skin contact with “Galena” is NOT dangerous. Nonetheless, to avoid any potential ingestion, people should always wash their hands after handling Galena.

Before you checkout, consider adding on a few geodes to break open! We offer a large assortment including: 

Geodes are perfect for a variety of DIY projects and arts & crafts after they have been cracked open! To learn how to create crystal egg geodes, click here!



Rocks & Minerals Earth Science Collection, 75 specimens

The following rocks and minerals are typically included in this set:

Minerals in the Scale of HardnessTalc, Gypsum, Calcite, Fluorite, Apatite - Triphyllite, Feldspar, Quartz, Beryl - Topaz, Corundum

Streak, Luster, Cleavage, Fracture, Specific GravityFeldspar - Microcline, Galena, Chalcopyrite, Magnetite, Magnetite- Lodestone, Hematite, Gypsum - Satin Spar, Limonite, Halite, Sphalerite, Barite, Obsidian, Pyrite

Rock Forming MineralsMica - Muscovite, Mica - Biotite, Calcite, Dolomite, Amphibole - Hornblende, Feldspar - Plagioclase, Kaolinite, Olivine, Pyroxene - Augite, Garnet

Ores of Metals and NonmetalsSulfur, Graphite, Kyanite, Vermiculite, Bauxite, Pyrolusite, Malachite

Igneous RocksPumice, Scoria, Basalt, Felsite - Rhyolite, Granite, Pegmatite, Syenite, Diorite, Basalt Porphyry, Gabbro, Trachyte Porphyry, Pitchstone, Andesite

Sedimentary RocksArkose, Sandstone, Fossil Limestone, Bituminous Coal, Oolitic Limestone, Compact Limestone, Chalk, Limestone, Travertine, Conglomerate, Shale, Oolite, Oil Shale, Red Sandstone

Metamorphic RocksSlate, Marble, Quartzite, Hornfels, Mica Schist, Chlorite Schist, Phyllite, Gneiss, Anthracite Coal


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