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Red Cabbage Indicator Jiffy Juice Kit

Ages 9+
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The indicator inside this Red Cabbage Jiffy Juice Kit contains concentrated red cabbage juice to detect pH levels. Use the pH indicator to test things around your house, like laundry detergent, soda pop, and more! Read More

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The indicator inside this Red Cabbage Jiffy Juice Kit contains concentrated red cabbage juice to detect pH levels. Use the pH indicator to test things around your house, like laundry detergent,  soda pop, and more!

The acid/base indicator solution inside can be used over and over again, providing many hands-on learning opportunities for kids 9 and up! A pH chart is included, as are instructions that explain acids and bases, pH levels, and anthocyanin contained in red cabbage

To begin your Red Cabbage Jiffy Juice science experiments, you'll just need a few additional household items: 

  • small plastic cups or containers 
  • items to test (baking soda, laundry detergent, vinegar, soda pop, etc.)

Making the red cabbage jiffy juice is easy; just add water to the instant red cabbage extract powder and mix!

Red Cabbage Jiffy Juice Science Fair Project Ideas:

  • Test levels of pH in different kinds of soap and detergent. Based on this, which one would be most effective at getting rid of dirt and/or stains?
  • Make different concentrations of jiffy juice to see which works the best. You could even try making your own pH test from red cabbage, and compare the results to the concentrated juice in this kit.




This Red Cabbage Jiffy Juice Kit Includes:

  • 20 g red cabbage juice powder
  • Plastic beaker
  • Small scoop
  • Pipet
  • pH chart
  • Instruction sheet


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