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Spherification Kit

Ideal for Grades 6+
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Combining flavor, fun & chemistry, this spherification kit is a great & tasty intro to food science! Use food-grade versions of three chemicals used in molecular gastronomy recipes to create colorful, edible spheres! Read More

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Eat "spherified" versions of your favorite drinks and semi-solid treats!

Combining flavor, fun, and chemistry, this spherification kit is a great and tasty introduction to food science! Perfect for any foodie out there, this molecular gastronomy spherification kit contains food-grade versions of three chemicals used in molecular gastronomy recipes to turn liquids and semi-solids (like fruit juice and yogurt) into tasty spheres that pop in your mouth. We've included a syringe to simplify the making of uniform small balls, but you can make larger food spheres using a measuring spoon (tablespoon) from your kitchen as your spherification spoon. 

What is Spherification?

Spherification is the process of transforming liquids and semi-solid foods into small, gel-like spheres that both texturally and visually resemble caviar. Sodium alginate and calcium chloride are essential chemicals for spherification; they are the "caviar makers." Made from seaweed, sodium alginate turns gel-like when it's dropped into calcium chloride. With a direct spherification kit like this, the gelling agent is put into the base. A reverse spherification kit, on the other hand, would put the gelling agent into the setting bath, which can result in a longer shelf life.   

The 3 Included Food-Grade Chemicals:

  • Sodium Alginate 50g
  • Calcium Chloride 50g
  • Sodium Citrate 50g

By using the special ingredients and following the simple "cookbook" instructions in our food science spherification projects, students can enjoy hours of chemistry exploration for fun at home or for a science fair project. This starter kit has enough ingredients and materials to do several of the projects or multiple repeats of a favorite project—and all the results are edible!  It's truly chemistry made easy.  

As a bonus, this same specification and molecular gastronomy kit can be used to do an unusual human biology project. Using the chemicals in the kit and some colored water, students can model how blood clotting works and experiment to see what factors disrupt normal blood clotting.

Spherified Food Recipes Ideas:

  • Fruit Juice Spheres 
  • Yogurt Spheres
  • Chocolate Milk Spheres

Spherified Gourmet Food Recipes Ideas (there are so many options; including vegan & gluten-free!):

  • Spherified Mango Ravioli Recipe
  • Savory Caramelized Shallot Spheres
  • Carrot, Orange & Mango Spheres with Rose Crystals
  • Sriracha Pearls

Instructions and troubleshooting tips for this spherification kit are available online. See the below links to the instructions and project ideas.

You will also need from home:

Depending on which project you are doing, a blender, graph paper, water, food scale, food items, and common kitchen utensils may be needed. Optional items include a strainer spoon (or a stainless steel spherification spoon from Amazon, if you want to get really fancy!) and more. Please consult the instructions for each project for a complete list of additional materials.

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Instructions are NOT included with the kit, but are available online from Science Buddies.



Each Spherification Kit contains:

  • 50g Sodium alginate, food grade
  • 50g Calcium chloride, food grade
  • 50g Sodium citrate, food grade
  • 1 60 cc Plastic syringe (can also use a pipet/pipette)


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