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Giant Test Tubes (Baby Soda Bottles), assorted

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Ages 6+

Kids love clear, unbreakable giant test tubes, or baby soda bottles. Read More

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Kids love clear, unbreakable giant test tubes, or "baby" soda bottles! Use these "baby" soda bottles to show reactions, grow things in, as observation chambers and for mixing and shaking!

Use them as giant test tubes, beakers, or storage bottles. Large threaded caps are a easy for little hands to put on and take off. Try using the the cap as a base to stand the bottle up for easy viewing.

These giant test tubes are 13.5 cm long (5.3") and 26 mm in diameter (1") with a capacity of 33 ml (just over 1 ounce) They can be heated (up to 200° F / 93° C) or frozen, and are reusable.

Giant Test Tubes Sets:

Why are they called baby soda bottles?

These test tubes are actually the blanks or preforms used to make soda and water bottles. The preforms are typically injection-molded from the raw plastic pellets at a plastic products manufacturer and then shipped to large soda and water bottling plants. The bottling plant uses a blow molding machine to heat the preform and "blow" it into the shape of the finished bottle using compressed air. The finished bottle is then leak tested, filled with soda or water, and capped. Shipping preforms instead of the finished soda bottles significantly reduces shipping expenses for the bottling plant.

Our "baby soda bottle test tubes" are the kind of preforms used to make 1- to 2-liter soda and water bottles. They are made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET), a safe plastic used for beverage containers. The caps are specially designed to contain the pressure build up common to carbonated soda drinks. Lid color may vary, either blue or white.






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