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Methylene Blue, 1%, 30 ml

Ages 12+
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Methylene blue stain is a solution used to highlight certain cell parts of animal, bacteria, and blood tissue specimens. This stain is a 1% aqueous solution, and it's especially useful for microscope slide preparation. Read More

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Methylene blue solution is a general biological stain with a deep blue color. This methylene blue stain is a 1% aqueous solution that can be substituted for Janus Green B stain or Carmine stain; it's designed for the assessment of RNA and DNA  immobilized on hybridization membranes.

What does methylene blue stain? 

Methylene blue, also known as methylthioninium chloride, can be used to stain or highlight parts of animal, bacteria, and blood tissue specimens in microbiology. Use it to closely observe the shapes, structures, and locations of dead cells and other tissues!

The blue dye in methylene blue solution stains acidic animal cell parts (like the nucleus) blue, allowing students to easily view and study them throughout their microscopy, histology, hematology, morphology, and other biological studies. Methylene blue dye is a good counter-stain for Eosin Y - a red stain used for the staining of connective tissue and cytoplasm.

Use methylene blue staining to make a smear of cheek cells on a glass slide, to closely study blood cells, or as an optional material in this mold observation science project! There are a number of staining procedures, and you can check out our Microscope Slide Stains article to learn more about the variety of stains you can use.

Take a look at the table below to discover the methylene blue formula, form, shelf life, and more!

Formula C16H18ClN3S
Form Solution
CAS # Mixture
DOT Classification Non-Regulated
Storage Code Green
Shelf Life 36 Months
Common Uses Dye, staining agent


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