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    Home / Science lessons / How to Use & Calibrate a Triple Beam Balance
    • How to Use & Calibrate a Triple Beam Balance

      How to Use & Calibrate a Triple Beam Balance

      A balance is generally recommended for chemistry and physics courses, often to be used for weighing out small amounts of chemicals to use in solutions. To get you started on easy and efficient use of your triple beam balance, here's a few suggestions.

      Before you weigh something, 'zero' the balance. Do this by sliding back all the weight poises (that slide along the beams) so that the pointer is right at the zero line. You might need to turn the zero adjustment knob a little bit to get it right at the line.

      When you set an object on the balance platform, the pointer immediately goes up and is no longer zeroed. To find out the weight of the object, you'll need to slide the weight poises until the pointer is at zero again. Start with the two heavier weight poises and then use the lightest one to do the fine tuning. Our triple beam balance and the Ohaus triple beam balance are accurate to 0.1 grams.

      To read the weight of an object in grams, add up the number that each weight poise is at when the pointer zeroes. For example, if the heaviest poise is at 100 g, the next one at 30 g, and the lightest one at 5.4 g, then the total weight of the object is 135.4 grams.

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    By: Dave
    Date: Jun 28, 2017

    How do you determine what the sliders should weigh in a triple beam balance?

    By: John Prato
    Date: Apr 29, 2017

    Helpful article esp for those who’ve never used a balance before, I was hoping for a bit more info on actual calibration of the device. Setting the zero-point is one thing, yes. but there are other adjustable features on the scale, and if one looks inside certain compartments, one finds all kinds of what I can only imagine are shim weights installed at the factory… and what does the fourth rail do ? is that an easy-tare slider ? or does that add a kilogram to the overall measurement ?


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