42 Spring Science Experiments


Launch your Spring science investigations with this diverse collection of engaging, hands-on experiments!

In the free ebook, you'll get 42 easy and fun projects to dive into these topics (and more):

  • Bugs & Worms: Where do ladybugs live? How do bees find good feeding spots? What fruity treats do butterflies like best?

  • Plants of all Kinds: What are roots and how do they grow? How do seeds sprout? How can flowers reproduce?

  • Rainbow Magic: Ever made a rainbow appear on your wall?

  • Easter Eggs: Can you pop an egg into a bottle? How can you make an eggshell disappear?

  • Baby Animals — What are they called? How are some similar to humans?

The science experiments in this ebook are engaging, kid-friendly, and easy to do. They'll give you a fun way to carve out some quality time with your kids and they teach real science through simple hands-on activities!