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  • Farrar
  • 02/02/2015
  • Bought to use with the American Chemical Society's middle school curriculum. The ball fits perfectly through the ring when cool but can't fit when hot. Solid construction, good wooden handles, and worked exactly as described. The kids were impressed with the demonstration so it got done twice. Definitely a specialized item, but worth it for us.
    Great demo
  • Julie of KY
  • 07/01/2010
  • This is a fun and easy way to demonstrate thermal expansion. It always impresses kids and adults alike when we heat the ball over a flame and then it can no longer fit through the brass ring. As much as I like it for teaching, it seems to come out at parties as well to teach our guests some fun science.
    Thermal Energy
  • Anonymous
  • 01/05/2009
  • Easy for demonstration to help students understand thermal expansion .Also the handle acts as insulators.

    reward points

    Ball and Ring Apparatus

    Ages 8+

    Item# MC-BALRING

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    Product Overview
    A useful apparatus for demonstrating thermal expansion.

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      Ball and Ring Apparatus

      A useful apparatus for demonstrating thermal expansion. Includes a brass ball and a brass ring each mounted on a handle. The ball fits easily through the ring at room temperature. When the ball is heated over a flame, it expands and no longer fits in the ring. Includes instructions.

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