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    Human Anatomy and Physiology

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    1. $9.80 As low as: $8.80 in_stock
      This single-use blood type test kit contains everything needed to perform a complete blood test at home for ABO and Rh. more

    2. MSRP $79.00
      $69.95 You save 11% in_stock
      The Apprentice Doctor Venipuncture Course and Kit provides valuable learning opportunities for current and aspiring medical professionals alike. more

    3. $18.95 in_stock
      The Clinical Lite professional stethoscope is a classic dual head stethoscope. more

    4. $22.50 in_stock
      The Kaplan Medical Anatomy Coloring Book helps students learn by coloring and labeling detailed sketches. more

    5. Properties of Aspirin Kit
      $39.50 in_stock
      Discover the most common painkiller and largest selling non-prescription medicine in the world. Aspirin! Learn all about acetylsalicylic acid with this Consumer Chemistry: Properties of Aspirin Kit. more

    6. Genetics of Blood Types Kit
      $24.50 in_stock
      While you may not think much about it, blood type plays a part in everything from forensic investigations to medical procedures. With this Genetics of Blood Types Kit, students learn all about the inherited characteristic. more

    7. Spring Loaded Lancet, sterile 10/pack
      $3.50 As low as: $3.15 in_stock
      A pack of 10 sterile spring-loaded lancets for pricking fingers for blood tests or to make blood smear slides to view under a microscope. more

    8. $22.95 in_stock
      Engage the senses with this highly-detailed, interactive ear model with more than 20 parts. more

    9. MSRP $79.00
      $69.95 You save 11% in_stock
      Have you or your child dreamed of becoming a surgeon and learning how to suture wounds. more

    10. $13.95 in_stock
      Measure lung capacity with this easy-to-use reusable test kit. more

    11. MSRP $79.00
      $69.95 You save 11% in_stock
      This fascinating course and kit by The Apprentice Doctor on How to Examine Patients for future doctors provides a thorough introduction to medical examination principles. more

    12. $52.95 in_stock
      Home blood pressure testing has never been easier with this fully automated digital blood pressure monitor. more

    13. $54.95 in_stock
      An otoscope is an optical medical device used to examine the outer ear and eardrum. more

    14. $35.95 in_stock
      This oximeter from Prestige Medical measures oxygen saturation in the blood. more

    15. $49.95 in_stock
      Learn the role of the kidney in blood filtration and waste removal along with the many functional tasks performed by nephrons, as well as nephron structure with this Kidneys and Blood Filtration Kit. more

    16. $42.95 in_stock
      Learn blood type without the risk of disease transmission with this simulated blood typing kit. more

    17. $43.95 in_stock
      This Forensic Chemistry of Blood Types Kit realistically simulates crime scene blood analysis in the classroom. more

    18. $28.95 in_stock
      This set contains copies of real broken bones x-rays. more

    19. $59.95 in_stock
      All the food in the world is of no use if the human body can't extract necessary nutrients from it. more

    20. $22.95 in_stock
      Perform basic blood pressure tests at home with this complete, reusable sphygmomanometer. more

    21. $124.95 in_stock
      Contains everything needed to perform 32 ABO and Rh blood tests. more

    22. $28.95 in_stock
      Children will enjoy learning the major organs, muscles, and bones of their bodies and how these parts fit and work together as they play this game, collecting colorful body part stickers and attaching them in the right places on their game boards. Includes reusable stickers, game boards, cards, and more. more

    23. $12.95 in_stock
      Gray's Anatomy Coloring Book, by Fred Stark, is a fact-filled coloring book with more than 100 adaptations of the illustrations from the original Gray's Anatomy. more

    24. $54.95 in_stock
      Study human anatomy with this set of 16 high-quality, hand-prepared microscope slides. more

    25. $9.95 in_stock
      This kit walks you through the simple process of collecting DNA from cheek cells. more

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    Items 1-25 of 73

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    Browse this selection of books, kits, and other supplies for human anatomy studies. We offer anatomy coloring books, models of the human skeleton, eye, brain, and other body parts, x-ray sets, blood typing kits, DNA isolation labs, board games, and more!

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