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Chemistry Flasks

Glass science flasks for chemistry projects.

Fire up your Bunsen burner and get your lab equipment ready! No matter what type of chemistry lab flasks you need for your laboratory, we have you covered. Ours are all made from borosilicate glass to withstand the high temperatures of many science processes.

Shop the following types of chemistry glassware: Erlenmeyer, volumetric, filtering, and Florence (boiling) flasks. And learn how to use each different type.

Erlenmeyer: Like glass beakers, use these to mix, dissolve into solutions, and heat or cool solutions. You can also plug them with rubber stoppers and use them to catch vapor or condensed liquid. Also like a beaker, the graduations are approximate.

Volumetric: With a flat bottom and elongated narrow neck, use these to accurately prepare solutions. They're calibrated to contain a certain volume of liquid. Place a weighed amount of solid chemical at the bottom, and then add liquid solvent until you reach the fill line.

Florence: Also called boiling flasks, the body of these are round to provide uniform heating or boiling of liquids. Use them to mix or store solutions as well as collect vapor in distillation processes. Their bottoms can be either round or flat.

Filtering: Use to filter mixtures through a funnel and filter paper. A tube near the top of the neck prevents unwanted pressure buildup. Speed up the process with a vacuum pump.

Your chemistry laboratory will be complete with laboratory glassware from Home Science Tools! We offer a variety of or a conical flasks (sometimes called a cylinder flask), round-bottom flasks, and volumetric flasks to fill your chemistry lab and make experimentation fun!