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    Lab Equipment

    Check out ring stands and attachments for chemistry and physics lab experiments. Use stand with beakers, burners and more...
    With easy-to-use wickless alcohol lamps and burners you'll get a hot, consistent flame. They're great for lab projects or for heating something for a science project. Butane...
    Thermometers for lab use and beyond! Find partial immersion, digital, infrared, indoor/outdoor, and more.
    Find all the right glassware and equipment for lab distillation. Plus complete kits and a guide for setup...
    Comparable to Pyrex organic glassware. Organic glassware for chemical synthesis and distillation...
    Browse eye-catching "elements" periodic tables, molecular model sets, and more.
    Glass, rubber, and plastic tubing for science experiments. 5 mm glass tubing fits rubber stoppers and corks...
    Contain liquids in flasks and beakers with rubber stoppers and corks. Rubber stoppers also fit 5 mm glass tubing...
    Find assorted lab equipment like weighing boats, microplates, droppers, and more.

    Perform any science experiment with all the essential laboratory tools!

    We know how challenging it can be to set up a chemistry lab and find the right equipment on a budget — in fact, that’s one of the reasons Home Science Tools got started. We’re a one-stop place for you to find affordable, quality chemistry lab equipment. And if you have any questions about these products, please don’t hesitate to ask! We’re here to make chemistry doable for you.

    Get anything from ring stands, burettes, test tubes and beakers, digital balances, tongs and clamps, corks and rubber stoppers, distillation equipment, and other chemistry lab equipment. 

    Not sure what you need? Try our Laboratory Equipment Guide.