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    Fantastic experience
  • Susan
  • 05/01/2016
  • Great customer service. Great people! 1. Have an extra night light bulb before you start. 2. Read the reviews about how to keep the temperature steady in the incubator. Seriously. 3. Understand that not all eggs are likely to hatch. 4. Enjoy the experience! Enjoy the process. 5. It's worth buying a second set of eggs if the first don't hatch/live. [HST adds: if your eggs don't hatch refer to the product description for this item; replacement eggs can be requested for $2!]
    Good results
  • Jennifer
  • 02/08/2015
  • We purchased this for a homeschool project. Four Bobwhite quails came with the incubator. One hatched. One needed more than 26 days to incubate (I know because I opened it after day 26.) Two did not develop. Tips: -There are a few YouTube videos of people using this incubator. Search for "chickbator" or "mini incubator". Watching them was very helpful before starting our incubation. -Turn eggs a min. of 3x/day. We tried to turn eggs 5x/day. -In addition to adding water to the legs/wells, add water to the top of the foil sheet for better humidity. -We are in So.Cal. and we incubated Jan-Feb. We laid a paper towel over the "egg half" of the incubator to keep the temperature steady. It worked well. -developing Bobwhite quail eggs can take an additional 5-6 days after the 26th day of incubation to hatch. I found a website that stated Bobwhites tend to be late hatchers. -Humidity is very important after day 20 of incubating. We added wet cotton balls (2) insi...
    Incubator with four Quail Eggs
  • Jenette
  • 09/17/2013
  • Received in excellent condition with 4 Bobwhite quail eggs. Incubator wasn't worth the time or trouble, used my FFA Hova-bator with auto rotation instead. 23 days later right on the dot, 2 of the eggs hatched. 1 had spraddle leg and the other seemed healthy and very active. Once completely dry, chicks were quickly moved from incubator into prepared brooder. We started the process of correcting the spraddle leg and all was going well. Both birds seemed very healthy and very active, until day 5 post hatch. Couldn't see any malfunction with brooder or temperature. Chicks were eating, drinking, and excreting okay, with clean vents and clear nasal passages, but for reasons unknown, both chicks suddenly died. Of the two eggs that didn't hatch, one was completely infertile and the other had died due to a defect probably about a week before hatch. They were candled before removed completely from incubation. I don't blame the supplier ...

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    Chick Bator Egg Incubator with Four Eggs

    Ages 8+

    Item# LD-INCUBAT

    $36.95 in_stock

    In Stock (Drop shipped)

    Product Overview
    This chick egg incubator comes complete with four fertilized quail eggs that will hatch in 17-23 days.

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    • Product Details

      Chick Bator Egg Incubator with Four Eggs

      This chick egg incubator comes complete with four fertilized quail eggs that will hatch in 17-23 days! The plastic incubator has a clear dome, egg cradle, 110-volt light to produce heat, thermometer, and complete hatching directions. Incubator capacity is 2 duck eggs, 3 chicken eggs, or 8 quail eggs. Size is 7" in diameter and 6" high. This product is drop-shipped; allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Ships only to continental US (excluding HI) via Priority Mail. Eggs are perishable, although in a dormant state when delivered. Plan to begin incubation upon arrival. Expect delivery in 2-3 weeks.

      You will receive either Coturnix (Pharaoh) or Bobwhite quail eggs with your incubator. The choice is made by our supplier based on availability at the time your order is shipped. Quail are easy to raise, once hatched, and the incubator instructions include care for newly hatched chicks.

      Manufacture's instructions: Chick-Bator Instructions.pdf

      Note: This incubator requires egg turning, temperature monitoring, and temperature adjustment 2-4 times per day, every day of the incubation period. Adult supervision is required to ensure hatching instructions are followed carefully. The successful hatching rate for these quail eggs is typically 25-50% when instructions are followed. Due to many variables beyond our control, successful hatching is not guaranteed

      If your eggs don't hatch, get replacements sent directly from our supplier by sending a request and $2 for shipping to:

      2343 Louisville Rd.
      Savannah, GA. 31415-1619

      For more information about hatching eggs with this incubator, we recommend reading our Incubator FAQs.

      Shipping Note: This item is shipped directly from our supplier to addresses in the 49 continental US states only. (HI is excluded.) It will be shipped via Priority Mail (USPS) regardless of the shipping method you choose at checkout for the rest of your order.

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