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    exciting easy way to watch crystals grow
  • Lisa
  • 09/28/2016
  • This experiment produced interesting crystals; we followed the directions and used a glass bowl, we added green food coloring and got a lovely "crop" of broccoli floret crystals on top the rock and then several later, we got lovely, intricate vertical crystals which grew on the indented part of the rock; crystals grew on the side of the bowl and on the bottom of the bowl (when the vinegar evaporated). My 8th grader took pictures over several days. We plan to repeat the experiment with another shade of food coloring. We did place the bowl in one location for about 2 weeks --without moving it.
    Growing, growing, not gone!
  • Joyce
  • 03/18/2015
  • Ever done the experiment with liquid bluing for growing crystals? They grow some neat looking crystals, but the moment you touch the container, yikes! you no longer have the crystal. That DOESN'T happen with this experiment! My scientist were so excited to see the white crystals growing and then we added food coloring and vinegar a week later, and then colorful crystals happened too! Well worth the cost
    Pretty Cool
  • Scott
  • 02/26/2015
  • Followed the instructions and the crystals grew just as advertised. Kids really like it.

    reward points

    Crystal Garden

    Ages 8+

    Item# RM-CRYSGAR

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    Product Overview
    Grow a beautiful crystal garden directly from these mineral samples.

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      Crystal Garden

      Grow a beautiful crystal garden directly from these mineral samples. Watch your crystals grow each day until they are fully formed. You can add coloring and let your garden harden for handling and observation. You provide white vinegar.

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