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    Nice kit
  • Hiram
  • 05/16/2014
  • I ordered this item as an inexpensive alternative to the ground glass equipment, and, while it may require some improvisation to facilitate use for reflux, it works just fine for distillation without any need for modification or repairs. I also bought the wickless alcohol burner, an excellent companion item. Everything arrived quickly and in good condition.
    Great Customer service
  • Markus Tiefert
  • 10/30/2013
  • This is a good quality kit. But part of the kit broke while shipping. Customer service sent out a free replacement part within a week. Thanks.
    Great Website.
  • Jesus Lemus Marquez
  • 03/30/2013
  • The Distillation Apparatus works great. Loved the professionalism and the serves. Whenever I need supplies i will come again and even recommend.

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    Distillation Apparatus Kit

    Ages 14+

    Item# CE-DIKIT1A

    $64.95 in_stock

    In Stock

    Product Overview
    With this distillation apparatus kit, get started with scientific distillation in the lab.

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    • Product Details

      Distillation Apparatus Kit

      With this distillation apparatus kit, get started with simple scientific distillation in the lab. The borosilicate glassware in this set includes a 300 mm sealed Liebig condenser, 50 mm diameter Kjeldahl distillation ball, 500 ml flat-bottomed boiling flask and 500 ml Erlenmeyer flask. Other equipment in the kit includes a 4"x 6" support stand, adjustable clamp, tripod burner stand, wire gauze with ceramic center and rubber stoppers. Assembly instructions and distillation ideas are also included.

      Two key components for a good setup of distillation apparatus are a Kjeldahl bulb and a condenser. The Kjeldahl "ball" improves distillation efficiency by preventing carryover of liquid from the boiling flask into the condenser. The Liebig-style condenser provides effective gas condensation through the straight inner tube surrounded by a large outer tube to circulate cooling water.

      You provide a heat source of choice (hot plate, alcohol burner or lab burner) and rubber tubing for water supply to the condenser. We also have a special condenser accessory kit with everything you need to connect the condenser to a standard faucet.

      Note: The adjustable burner stand in the photo is no longer available. A tripod burner stand is now included instead.

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