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    Great lab project
  • Kathleen
  • 01/11/2016
  • The DNA extraction kit had good information describing dna and the experiment went well. After separating the dna from a slice of banana, we put a sample under the microscope and examined the strands under high magnification.

    reward points

    DNA Extraction Kit

    Ages 12+

    Item# KT-ISDNAEX

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    Product Overview
    Learn about DNA and extract DNA from plant material with this fascinating hands-on kit.

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      DNA Extraction Kit

      Learn about DNA and extract DNA from plant material with this fascinating hands-on kit! Students will learn the history of DNA discovery and study DNA structure. They will also understand the nature of genetic inheritance and the role of DNA and proteins in genetic expression while using biological detergents, enzymes, and ethanol to isolate DNA from plant material.

      This classroom DNA Extraction Kit contains enough materials for 15 groups of students. A teacher's manual and reproducible student study guide are included.

      Safety gear, specifically gloves, goggles and apron, are recommended. You provide 25mL graduated cylinder, funnel, and distilled or deionized water.

      Shipping Note: This item contains regulated chemicals and only ships Economy or UPS to a street address in the 50 US states.

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