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    Very Satisfied
  • Jeannine
  • 03/18/2017
  • I purchased this kit for my 3rd grade class. We are studying life cycles. I couldn't be more happy with the experience my students have had so far. Several eggs and embryos arrived. The embryos developed into tadpoles faster than I expected. My students have been very excited to see them grow. A few eggs did not develop but they are excellent to look at under a microscope. One or two tads did not make it, but we are looking at them under the scope as well. There are a few tads that are developing at a different rate and one or two that may have deformities, but these are also a great learning experience and the students are developing empathy as well. I was expecting to have about 6 tads by now, but I actually have about 25! I am trying to keep 10 or less in each container I can get. I only wished the starter kit came with Frog food not just tad food.
    Great item but disappointment with sub-company that ships the tadpoles.
  • Krista
  • 05/19/2016
  • First I just have to say that the customer service here at HomeScienceTools is absolutely wonderful! We received our kit and then sent away for the tadpoles. The tadpoles arrived in a padded envelope. We immediately could see that the envelope had been opened and resealed by the post office which was due to the fact that the baggie inside that contained water and the tadpoles had broken and the entire envelope was wet. Not one tadpole survived. I was not angry that we didn't get to start the life cycle process but extremely angry that those poor tadpoles had to die that way. I called the customer service line with HomeScienceTools and the representative was extremely kind and helpful. We received new tadpoles from the sub-company within a week and they all survived. We now are watching TEN African Water Frogs grow and I have a feeling that we are going to need a larger tank! LOL All in all, very happy with this purchase-just upset that living creatures were shipped in such horrible ...
    Nothing Froggy here
  • Daniela
  • 10/01/2015
  • This product is a great product that provides everything you need to grow, raise frogs from egg to tadpole to frog. Food, container, instructions (which are detailed and clear) and a coupon to have our eggs mailed to us.

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    Frog Hatchery Deluxe Kit

    Ages 8+

    Item# LM-FROGKIT

    $37.95 in_stock

    In Stock

    Product Overview
    Observe the amazing transformation from tadpoles to frogs with this deluxe frog hatching kit. You'll get everything you need for watching live tadpole metamorphosis! This kit includes a coupon for real tadpoles to be delivered to your house.

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    • Product Details

      Frog Hatchery Deluxe Kit

      Observe tadpole-to-frog metamorphosis up close with this deluxe frog hatchery kit! Learn about the lifecycle of a frog as you first watch tiny live embryos develop into tadpoles and then the tadpoles grow legs, lose their tails, and develop into full-grown frogs.

      This frog hatchery has an ideal habitat with a large, clear plastic tank that has a removable ventilated cover. Once the tadpoles grow up, it's large enough to keep adult frogs in. Everything is included:

      • special food for feeding your tadpoles
      • magnifier to look up-close
      • instructions for raising and caring for your frogs
      • a fully pre-paid coupon for 6-10 live frog embryos (redeemable in the continental US, excluding Utah, Alaska, and Hawaii).

      You may get either African water frog or leopard frog embryos when you redeem your coupon, depending on where you live and the time of year. (See details below.) African clawed frogs (species Xenopus laevis) live their life entirely in water. Their tadpoles have both gills and lungs so they can breathe in water or at the surface. Leopard frogs (species Rana pipiens) live entirely in water before maturing and live both in water and on land as adults. Their tadpoles have only gills to breathe in water. Adults of both species have only lungs and must come to the surface to breathe.

      Development time: Metamorphosis from tadpole to young frog can take 6-12 weeks. Factors such as live tadpole age upon arrival and water temperature, food, and other habitat conditions can affect their growth rate.

      Guarantee: Nasco, the biological supplier of the frog embryos, guarantees that at least one tadpole will be alive and in good condition when it arrives. Due to conditions beyond our control, we cannot guarantee the life of the embryos or that they will grow into mature frogs.

      Shipping Note: The pre-paid frog embyro coupon in this kit can only be redeemed in the continental US, excluding AK, AZ, HI and UT. Live embryos cannot be shipped April through October to CA, KY, LA, MT, NV, NJ, NC, OR, VA, or WA. From November through March the states listed above will receive leopard frog embryos. All other states will receive whatever is readily available, either African water frogs or leopard frogs. You cannot choose the species shipped. Typically you will receive your frog embryos 2-6 weeks after you mail the coupon. Severe cold or hot weather or limited supply may delay shipment for several additional weeks.

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