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Science Unlocked Accelerate Homeschool Chemistry
Science Unlocked Earth and Space Science Curriculum for Middle School
Science Unlocked Homeschool Biology Curriculum
Science Unlocked Launch-level Chemistry Homeschool Curriculum
Science Unlocked Raining on Our Parade books and kit materials
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Science Unlocked is HST’s award-winning, revolutionary inquiry-based hands-on science curriculum. Available in full-year curriculum or monthly a la carte kits.

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Lesson planning and doing science at home is now easier than ever. With Science Unlocked, you can filter your interest and build a program specifically for your children. Each individual kit contains a full month of fun and easy hands-on science activities, while bundles give you all you need to teach a full year of science.

Reviews from Homeschool Families
    • “We did Newton’s Notions. I felt like the reading was very meaty and good; it didn’t talk down to my child. It was written for his level. The way [the curriculum] was laid out was very clear and consistent for both my child and me.”

      — Danielle E.

    • “This was definitely age-appropriate for my daughter who is advanced in both math and science. I appreciated the planning page in the Teacher’s Guide where it laid out the time and the flow for the curriculum. Being able to see the full picture was very helpful for me.”

      — Amy S.

    • “Yes! This is what I was looking for! This has been a lot of fun at home, but I also see it as even more fun for our STEM club or our co-op.”

      — Cindy W.