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    Microscope Prepared Slides

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    1. $8.50 As low as: $7.65 in_stock
      This microscope slide box provides storage for up to 100 slides. more

    2. $3.50 As low as: $3.15 in_stock
      Hold and protect up to 25 microscope slides in this case. more

    3. $3.00 As low as: $2.70 in_stock
      Paramecium are single-celled protists that move with cilia. more

    4. $4.60 As low as: $4.15 in_stock
      With striated, smooth, and cardiac muscle types. Non-human. more

    5. $2.60 As low as: $2.35 in_stock
      Sperm are much tinier than red blood cells. Look for the filament (tail) on individual sperm. more

    6. $3.60 As low as: $3.25 in_stock
      Smear of epithelial cells from inside the mouth. more

    7. $2.70 As low as: $2.45 in_stock
      This is a monocot root tip with all stages of mitosis visible. more

    8. $4.05 As low as: $3.65 in_stock
      Cardiac muscles have only one nucleus per cell (unlike skeletal) and are involuntary. more

    9. $3.00 As low as: $2.70 in_stock
      Shows mycelia, conidia, and conidiophores. more

    10. $2.60 As low as: $2.35 in_stock
      Smear of human blood showing both erythrocytes (red blood cells) and different types of leukocytes (white blood cells). more

    11. $2.90 As low as: $2.60 in_stock
      Rhizoids, sporangia, and sporangiophores clearly shown. more

    12. $3.05 As low as: $2.75 in_stock
      This prepared slide includes coccus, rod, and spiral bacteria shapes in one smear. more

    13. $4.70 As low as: $4.25 in_stock
      An amoeba is a single-celled protist that uses its pseudopodia to move and feed. more

    14. $1.25 in_stock
      Multi-stained to show the general structure of a corn seed with developing embryo. more

    15. $3.90 As low as: $3.50 in_stock
      Several specimens in fission at different stages. more

    16. $2.60 As low as: $2.35 in_stock
      Section cut through the cap of the mushroom to show general structure. Same structure as Coprinus. more

    17. $2.60 As low as: $2.35 in_stock
      A good slide for comparing nucleus containing animal blood with human blood. more

    18. $3.90 As low as: $3.50 in_stock
      Several specimens undergoing conjugation at different stages. more

    19. $3.70 As low as: $3.35 in_stock
      Section of Lilium (Lily) anther showing all stages of meiosis cell reduction division. more

    20. $2.90 As low as: $2.60 in_stock
      Typical dicot leaf with vein stained in multiple colors to fully reveal the various tissue types. more

    21. $4.10 As low as: $3.90 in_stock
      Anguillula aceti is a common nematode (roundworm) specimen. more

    22. $2.80 As low as: $2.50 in_stock
      Monocot mature root showing general structure. more

    23. $3.30 As low as: $2.95 in_stock
      Human, cat and sheep hair are included on one slide for comparison purposes. more

    24. $3.20 As low as: $2.90 in_stock
      Includes both vegetative and conjugative forms with chloroplasts visible. more

    25. $3.40 As low as: $3.05 in_stock
      This slide is used to help students learn to focus the microscope. more

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    Items 1-25 of 84

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    It doesn’t have to break the bank to study an amoeba under the microscope! We proudly offer prepared slides that are both very high quality and affordable — so you don’t have to hesitate over those labs that require looking up close at hydra, or diatoms, or a host of other amazing microscopic life. And an added bonus: you don’t have to try to find strange one-celled creatures yourself.

    Find top-quality prepared microscope slides ranging from unicellular life to botany and anatomy. Buy them individually or in discounted sets to get even more for your money. All our microscope slides are hand-prepared by professionals, usually with multiple stains and specimens that are hand-selected and arranged on the slide to display the greatest detail. Use 40-1000x power on your microscope to view.

    Slide abbreviations: "l.s." stands for longitudinal section, "w.m." for whole mount, "c.s." for cross section.

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