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Virus & Germs Kits

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Science Buddies Bacteria Discovery Kit
Escherichia Coli Bacteria - Freeze Dried Culture
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Virus & Germs Experiment Kits

Explore the microscopic world of viruses, bacteria, and germs.

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Explore the microscopic world of viruses, bacteria, and germs! Browse through the selection above to find hands-on kits and products that will help kids answer questions such as:

Using colorful Glo Germ gel or oil with a germs scanner, kids can see first-hand how important it is to thoroughly wash their hands - and why they need to use plenty of soap! They'll get to use an ultra-violet germs scanner to see a representation of how many germs can live on their hands, as well as how quickly and easily they can spread. Watch the 'Glo Germ Kits & Experiments' video above to see a Glo Germ kit in action!

Our Coronavirus Education Kit (for grades 7+) is an excellent, hands-on resource for students and families who want to investigate and learn more about virus transmission, pandemics, epidemics, immunity, and more! We even offer an Elementary Coronavirus Education Kit, giving younger kids the opportunity to study these same important and relevant concepts. Both kits include 6 hands-on experiments that are easy to do at home!

Use the above petri dishes and agar plates to grow bacteria, learn all about germs and viruses with our selection of games and kits, and examine live bacteria cultures to learn more about the microscopic world around you. There is so much much we can explore and learn about the world of viruses, bacteria, and germs!