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    Great scope!
  • Teaque
  • 12/25/2012
  • This microscope is a great addition to our high school homeschool classes and comes highly recommended by the curriculum company we are currently using. The students are able to easily use this microscope while still providing quality magnification. It also fits perfectly in the Deluxe Microscope case!
    Great Scope!
  • Denise B
  • 01/05/2009
  • I have purchased four of these microscopes (and am about to purchase a fifth) for a biology class for homeschoolers which I have been teaching for three years. This microscope is sturdy, useful, and easy to use for students who are just getting accustomed to microscopes. The three magnification levels are useful for various specimens. It's important for high school biology students to learn to use a microscope, and this is an ideal scope to purchase. We have not had any problems with these microscopes and anticipate using them for years to come. One great, worthwhile addition is to buy the optional mechanical stage, which is easy to attach and makes searching through slides much easier and more precise.
    Excellent Homeschool Resource
  • Anonymous
  • 01/22/2008
  • I admit I was hesitant to go through the expense of buying a microscope for homeschool, but after purchasing this, I can see it was well worth the money. Not only is it useful for completing those necessary lab credits, but when homeschool is through, it can be taken to college and used outside the classroom to give that extra edge in those studies as well. This particular model has excellent clarity, ease of use, and additionally, that pesky worry about crushing the slides (like when I was in high school) is eliminated because this model stops itself before that can ever happen. When used in conjunction with HST's pre-made slides, and accessory kit, your child would have everything they needed to not only keep up with public school students, but also surpass them. And in the competitive college acceptance game, every advantage is worth the cost.

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    National Optical 131 Microscope

    Ages 8+

    Item# MI-3SCOPE

    MSRP $255.00
    $245.95 Save 4% today! in_stock

    In Stock

    Product Overview
    This high-power compound microscope is an outstanding educational microscope.

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    • Product Details

      National Optical 131 Microscope

      The National Optical model 131 high-power compound microscope is an outstanding educational microscope. It has set the standard for a high school microscope for many years. It is a student-friendly microscope with all of the most commonly specified features. This high school level microscope is easy to use and provides large, sharp images that will meet the needs of all your students. The excellent DIN optics provide standard magnification levels of 40x, 100x, and 400x. The rugged metal construction with locked-on parts ensures reliable daily use in the classroom or at home. The precision mechanical operation provides smooth, accurate focusing. It is equipped with standard tungsten lighting. National Optical model 131. Lifetime warranty

      National Optical has a long-standing reputation for providing top-quality, reliable microscopes and the 131 is a popular model. Many high schools are equipped with this microscope. This model is also available with LED lighting. Our Home Microscope has comparable features and quality if you prefer fluorescent lighting.

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