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    Far Superior to pH Strips
  • Gregory
  • 02/14/2016
  • Excellent compact device. In a pinch, can be calibrated to pH of 8.4, using baking soda solution. It's a little awkward to turn the adjustment screw, while simultaneously pushing the "on" button, but otherwise I'm very pleased.
  • Mike
  • 12/25/2010
  • Precise, however a slight pain to calibrate. Requires you to use a screwdriver to calibrate with pH buffer.
    worth the extra$$$
  • Denna Flickner
  • 09/26/2010
  • Been teaching jrH/HS classes for about 18 years. Always used the pH strips etc as there was always a need to pinch pennies. "Splurged" this year and have found this more than worth the cost!Easy to use, and the Jr H kids *loved* it!

    reward points

    pH Meter, Digital, 0-14 pH range

    Ages 11+

    Item# ME-PHMETER

    $27.95 in_stock

    In Stock

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    Product Overview
    The Milwaukee pH600 pH Meter is an economical pocket-sized digital pH meter is ideal for accurately measuring the pH of aqueous (water) solutions.

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    • Product Details

      pH Meter, Digital, 0-14 pH range

      This economical pocket-sized digital pH meter is ideal for accurately measuring the pH of aqueous (water) solutions. Use it for aquariums, hydroponics, chemistry experiments, biology experiments, laboratory analysis, science fair projects, and more. It measures 0-14 pH with 0.1 pH resolution and +/-0.2 pH accuracy. This pH tester has a built-in probe that is easy to calibrate using a manual single-point calibration solution, which is sold separately. The overall size is 6" long, 1.2" wide and 1" deep. Replaceable batteries have a life of 700 hours. Milwaukee Instruments 30-day warranty.

      • Milwaukee pH600 pocket pH Meter instruction manual
      • Note: Don't be alarmed if you see white crystals around the cap. This is normal with pH electrodes, and they dissolve when rinsed with water.
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