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Light and Optics Experiment Kits

Light and optics experiment kits, equipment and materials to teach light & optics.

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Illuminate light and optics studies with hands-on activities for pre-K and older students. Make a kaleidoscope, learn all about light, and more.

What is light? Answer this question and more with a light experiment kit and optical products for kids!

Light is a type of energy called electromagnetic radiation. This form of energy is also used in x-ray machines, microwaves, and radios. But the electromagnetic radiation that we can see is called visible light. Optics manipulate light by reflecting or bending it so we can see in different ways. Telescopes, microscopes, and kaleidoscopes all use lenses and mirrors as optics. With the engaging optics experiment kits above, you can teach elementary, middle school, and high school students about the incredible science of light!

Explore the variety of optics kits and products (some of which are bestsellers) above to begin your investigation of light and optical components.

Get an optic bench kit and experiment with a concave lens and convex lens; use inexpensive binoculars for terrestrial and lunar viewing; learn about the functionality of a spectroscope and how it uses diffraction grating to break the light down into its color components; and so much more!

Shop a selection of educational light and optics supplies. Find magnifying glasses, laser items, a radiometer "solar engine," a light spectra analysis kit, and more! Look for bulk discount pricing on science supplies in quantities of 10 or more.